John Green Books- Which Is the Best?

Entertainment & Arts
While this is open to discussion and many opinions, this is a brief overview of each of John Green's books. Being a fan for just a year...

How To Start Making Positive Changes In Your Life

Society & Politics
A few months ago I asked a question on here asking "how do you make yourself want something?" and I received a lot of great answers so...

10 Types Of Users On GAG: Which One Are You?

G@G Community
1. Xper hunters They comment nonsense things. I don't say "short answers" because sometimes even saying "yes" or "no" can be enough for...

7 Greatest Vampire Movies Of All Time

Entertainment & Arts
1 ) Interview With The Vampire Plot Summary Interview With The Vampire is a horror gothic romance story of immortality, loyalty, and...

WTF? 20 Types of People You See at the Gym

Health & Fitness
Disclaimer: I always say that and I will keep saying it. This myTake is NOT meant to insult or make someone feel bad. It's supposed to...

Why Guys Need to Stop Lying to Themselves

Relationships No matter what I post or write about relationships and dating, there are guys who take it as a...


Will a man that I'm married to leave me eventually if I don't want children?

Guy's Behavior
I'm not married yet but id love to be married tough but I have no compassion for children. I don't take myself as bitter for this its...

I'm in love with a guy who's married. Should I let him know how I feel or back off completely?

I've been hopelessly in love with a perfect guy for 2 years now, but he's married with kids. :/ I've heard rumors that his marriage...

Why are most guys so cocky?

Guy's Behavior
i know not all men are like this but it's just this annoying guy i work with and he's always talking about how great he is when...

Has being cheated on ruined your future relationships?

I was cheated on by my ex when I found out it wasn't just one girl but lots of other girls it really destroyed me. Confidence everything...

My parents don't let me travel alone even though I'm an adult?

Family & Friends
I'm 18, so technically I can legally travel alone without their permission. But that doesn't seem to matter to my parents. They're crazy...

What is it that men love so much about boobs?

Guy's Behavior
like really... they dont do anything... and they can't contribute to mens pleasure at all

Would you break up with your SO over this?

Break Up & Divorce
My boyfriend doesn't clean his room. Ever. Its disgusting, i had to nag him for two weeks before hed wipe his windowsill down after i...

Why would he leave me over this?

Break Up & Divorce
So this guy I was dating for two months , we clicked extremely well off the back!!! Anyways background info , he's got cheated on in the...


If a guy is embarrased of his girlfriend, would he do this?

if a guy is embarrased of his girlfriend (he doesn't think she's pretty enough, etc) , would he upload pictures of both of them together...

Have you ever waited days or weeks for a text or call from your crush?

how do you react when there's no reply to your messages or when you don't get a call back when they say they would call and you know...

Should merchant vessels going around Asia and around Africa have weapons on board?

Society & Politics
Indonesia and East Africa in the Indian Ocean are having a real problem with modern day piracy. I honestly think that every merchant...

Is it too soon to meet his mother?

I've been seeing a guy about two weeks now and tbh I've never got on so well with someone as much as I do him. There's no awkwardness or...

Which Mario Kart game is your favorite?

Other Mario Karts: Mario Kart Super Circuit (for GBA) Mario Kart DS Mario Kart 7 (for 3ds)