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I read a question that wasn't getting answers, so I figured I'd ask this just strictly as an opinion question. For both the guys and girls, you're seeing a girl/guy for two months. You want to be exclusive so you confess your feelings to them and ask them how they feel. They respond with "I like you and I think you're sweet." The question is, are you satisfied with this response? Is it too vague? Do you think they like you or just the thrill of your attention. What do you think?

What most of you were saying is my opinion as well. It was an interesting question because it said they hold hands, kiss, etc. He also said she "French kissed" him after she gave that answer. Would that change things? Interesting and confusing.
If you care to read about the situation, this is this dude's question.

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    If I say that in female speak to a guy, in all honesty, and she's STILL with you...she's not ready to go further in the commitment at this time. This doesn't say to me that she's not interested or doesn't like you. She knows your position, you need to give her time and not mention it again or she'll think she has the all too famous upper-hand or that you're chasing her for more. If you like her company, date her as you have, and let HER speak about stronger feelings of commitment if you continue dating. If she does not mention something more intimate in a satisfactory amount of time for you, tell her you want something 'solid' and you.want to date to find someone like-minded She may come around then or later.

  • I wouldn't know what to think and I would push for a more specific answer.

  • I think it depends on how long you've known the person. Not by how long you've been dating.

    • That's okay as long as you're not saying you 'love' them because that would make you look like a 12 year old on the internet for the first time.

    • How about...went on first date 2 weeks after you met

  • I would be unsatisfied with that answer. it is a generic answer that is often handed out by middle schoolers to their crushes.

    • Would you see that as a sign that a dude or girl should stop persuing or should continue to try to get it beyond that?

  • I'd take it as an easy let down, and perhaps as a sign the guy just wants to be friend.

    I'd be disappointed, of course, and my pride would have taken a blow...

    I don't think I'd confront him at all. I'd slowly imply that I'm not seeing anyone else, and check if he is. I'll let things settle on their own, without putting words on it.

    Last time I tried to talk about that kind of things, the guy got scared away ><

    • I agree with blah404's answer on the link you gave. I'd see it as an easy let down. She may be too nice/scared to say it frankly. But there's also a chance that she just doesn't know what she wants and that she's scared... I don't think it's in a "playing hard to get" way, that's just too childish ^^

    • If you read the story on the link, would you still think so, even with all the kissing, affection, blah blah blah? Its intriguing because everybody always says girls play hard to get, but I would think playing hard to get that long and in that way is excessive.

  • I would kind of be disappointed. For me two months is a long time, so I would want something a little deeper and sweeter than that.

  • Too vague. I'd ask for more. It sounds like they're purposely holding back.

  • Id be a bit annoyed with this answer. After two months, you should be able to say more than that. Its too vague. Id think that I have been strung along and had my time wasted on someone who isn't as interested as I am

  • It's not good enough.

    You're already or is nearing the friend zone.

    • Keeping you around for a self esteem booth and/or wanting attention.

    • Even if she kisses you after giving that answer? You're saying she doesn't want anything beyond that? I somewhat agree with you, but still she would have to have some other intentions,

  • If a female tells a guy that, regardless of context that is her basically saying you're a really nice guy and we all know how things work out when you get labelled that 'nice guy'

    • Agreed. Good point, but its the kiss after saying that that throws everything off.

  • Tricky question because she said it then french kissed him.. the kiss makes it sound a lot more meaningful.

    Without the kiss I get the vibe she really wanted to say "I like you and I think you're sweet.. BUT..."

    • Yeah even with the kiss it was still an empty statement, I agree.

    • I agree, but regardless it was still a vague answer. Its almost as if the kiss was her way of continuing to keep him in play without any type of committment.

  • I don't like the response, that's like telling someone "I love you" and them saying "Thanks"

    • Completely agree.

  • If that's all she says then yeah, it's way too vague. You will automatically fear that there is a "but" at the end of that sentence. Unless of course she followed it up with a kiss or something similar, then it's pretty clear that you're not in the friend-zone.

  • Sounds like hey were just friends to me, wouldn't said person just say I feel the same or yes ?