Do you worry about whether or not you'll find someone to spend your life with?

Do you worry about whether or not you'll find someone to spend your life with?

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  • Vote A No, I've already found the person I want to spend my life with.
  • Vote B No, I haven't found them yet, but I'm sure I will.
  • Vote C Yes, I worry about it; I might find them, I might not.
  • Vote D I'm certain, or close to it, that I'll never find someone to spend my life with.
  • Vote E I don't care if I find one person to spend my life with.

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  • I think this is a constant worry of most people.

    Personally, I worry about this all the time.

    Some days I think it will never happen,

    other days I decide to just let love find me.

    either way,

    I think that if you let it get you down all the time,

    you're only hurting yourself.

  • No, but before I met him I was sure I would end up alone.

  • I think about it from time to time and then I think,thats being negative.I should remain optimistic about it.:)

  • Yes.

  • I worry more about how my relationship with him will go. My parents have a lot of problems between each other and I would hate my marriage to be as theirs.

  • I did worry, quite a lot actually, when I was a 17 year old virgin who'd never even kissed a guy, or had a proper crush, or been hit on (but I guess that's to be expected in a small country town -.-). Then I moved to the city of Darwin. Now I'm 18 and have a wonderful boyfriend, who is always there for me, and I love him so much... I reckon we'll be together for a good long time.

    My boyfriend has also informed me about how many guys hit on me (I rarely notice) so now I know that people desire me, I'm sure that I'll find someone to spend my life with. If I haven't already <3

    Hope that made sense :)

  • I can never have him :'( :'(

  • A, but if I lost who I'm with now I would be worried.

  • Not really. It would be nice to find that, but it sounds like an awful lot of pressure to put on myself as a single person who has so many other things going on. This notion that you will run off into the sunset with one person forever is nice, but who knows? It may be so, or perhaps you will date several people over the course of your life. Only time will tell, but take each day as it comes and don't compare yourself to everyone else. Everyone's path is different, but one thing's for sure and that's that there are people out there for everybody, so you will find someone special regardless, whether or not it's for a certain period of time or for the rest of your time.

  • I worry about it a lot but I know that I will find that special someone or else we wouldn't have so many chances to keep falling in love or lust or whatever you want to call it!

  • Of course I do. And I hope I don't stay single for long.

    Even though being single now is AWESOME

  • I was worried about it until I found the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. It's a perfectly normal thing to worry about.

  • No. I have a lot of things I worry about dong completing accomplishing learning, but I never expected to be and a relationship, I think the world is too f***ed up (not perpetually, but certainly right now) . Everyone ends up hating each other are blaming their failed lives or lost dreams on their partner. I'd rather say optimistic by myself& follow my dreams than worry about destroying someone elses life because I have convictions..

    Eventually I'll probably experiment with dating or w/e & I won't necessarily refuse to get to know someone in a context beyond friendship, but I don't expect anything to work & I never have so I'm not worried about it :)

  • I voted A! I got married at 24, and am now 25 =) so we've been together for 1 year now. I think our first year is pretty tough but who knows. We're really committed so no matter how bad or good times come, we'll make it.

  • I'm quite young but I've never really had a guy seem legitimately into me or even attracted to me so my hopes aren't very high. Most of my friends are engaged or in serious relationships and I still havn't had a serious boyfriend so it kind of concerns me. I have no idea what it is about me that puts off guys so bad - I'm not pretty but there are ugly girls with boyfriends! maybe I will never know aha. I don't really see myself getting married or someone falling for me but I guess it could happen, love works in strange ways sometimes.

  • I'm actually quite content with the way my life is going and who I will spend the rest of my life with doesn't cross my mind.

  • I don't really worry too much, but I do hope to find them before I hit 30 years old.

    When I think of option "D", I think of that old perverted man who stakes out younger women to provide some entertainment for himself (Heff'ing it out). Seeing that all humans have emotions, physiological trauma fits well with option "D".


  • definitely worried, but I think in the end, I'll find the right guy for me

  • Every once in a blue moon. My brain knows I'll probably be alone forever, which I don't consider a bad thing, but my heart sometimes wants a mate. What can you do?

  • I believe disney movies have screwed up the perspective of "happiness." Happily ever after shouldn't be getting married, but what kind of life accomplishments will make a person happy. Marriage is one out of unlimited choices that might make some happy, but not others.

    I'm not worried about finding someone anymore. I think I've had that opportunity... it just confirmed that that "happiness" is not for me. I've got to find happiness from myself and by myself. That's the hardest part.

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    Well considering, I've never been on a legit date or have ever had a girlfriend, and don't receive any real female attention anyway, I do worry at times about not finding someone. But I'm only 20, and thankfully my life seems to be getting more and more exciting, so even given a year or two, who knows what will happen? And there's a whole life ahead of me anyways.

    I just figure stay true to myself, do my best in everything, be open to new things, and given time, things will start to turn around and work out. I don't care if I had a million girls after me, as great as feeling wanted would feel... as long as I came across the girl of my dreams and she liked me, and we fell in love, that's all that matters to me!

  • I'm gay so of course I worry about it all the time

  • No, I don't. =) You know who she is, too.

  • I worry about it, more now than when I was younger. Not just if I will find someone but if I will fine "my one", Someone who really cares for me and likes the person I have become, someone that I can grow old with together, someone who I will find just as beautiful in 30 or 60 years, when she is full of wrinkles and has false teeth, than I did the day I first laid eyes on her (hopefully she had no wrinkles or false teeth at that time). Basically someone that loves me as much as I love them who can see through my flaws and weaknesses and let me be there for her.

    I hope I can find someone like that but as the years go on, it just gets a little sadder and sadder for me as it just seems like a person like that I can't find that person :(

  • yeah I worry specially because I wish she would be around my arms right now and not with some other guy because of my mistakes.

  • I personally have no plans for a fairytaile ending

  • I think once you train yourself to keep that kind of stiff off your mind life becomes much easier. Considering what men and women do to one another, I would say try to focus on the other things in life. Romance, relationships, love, these are all myths that we buy into and find ourselves miserable because of it. I gave up on girls a few years ago and my life has become so much better. Want to spend your life with someone great? Stay single

  • I've written lots about this on my own blog.

    Worrying about it brings negativity and the wrong emotion to you. Consider actually thinking about what it is that you do want in life. I wrote something recently called 'Five Things For Relationship Readiness' at link that people might find interesting. Do check it out.

    We must all be looking for our life partner - if that's what you're wanting. Tune your own radar to that person, know what it is you want, be clear, they'll come into your life because you're looking for them. Without focus and the knowing, they'll walk right on by and you'll spend your time with random people.

  • I was preoccupied about it when I was younger, but I finally came to understand my shyness had led me to be alone. Once I came to terms with this I was relieved and eventually happy. Not all of us NEED to have relationships. There's a lot less drama and a lot less stress.

    • I agree but it gets a tad lonely sometimes. :/

  • Honestly, yes I do worry about it sometimes. I'm going to be 22 next month and haven't had a girlfriend yet and still haven't been on a date. I've got a pretty busy life anyway so I'm not always thinking about it but the fact that I'm far behind (according to society) has got me a little concerned. And plus I have/do things in my life that keep me happy anyway.

  • i have bigger worries.

  • i thought I had found her already but we're broken up right now, we want to get back together but wi don't know if we will. so it might not be her, but if not, there seems to be some wonderful girls I could meet on this very site.

  • Despite my only actual relationship ending three years ago, I am almost positive that I will find someone. Maybe it's because I'm young and I have so much of my life ahead of me. In 10 or 15 years, then maybe I'll start to think about it.

  • Not worried about this at all. It's the day I can't get out of the house and see people that I would start to worry.

  • I do almost every week.

  • Option A. But unfortunately I don't get to =[

  • everyday of my life

  • Yeah I do a lot.

  • Just about every day, yeah, it's a huge topic on my mind lol

  • I never used to give a sh*t but honestly that is all that has been on my mind the past few months or so despite a bunch of other stuff happening. I feel like my clock is ticking fast and I never knew there was a clock LMAO.

    • you're like 29? I think more today than back then, guys and girls are getting married later and later.

    • Sometimes, it is the stressful and eventful times in your life that make you realize the possibility of ending up alone. Not sure why this is, but I know it's been the case for me.

  • I do worry about it in the sense that at the pace I'm going it's not looking good, but at the same time I don't worry too much. My future is looking pretty open for a lot of thing to happen. It's not a big concern but I do worry a little.

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