Why do men hate women?

I was reading this question & a girl asked what men think of women. All the men's responses were negative, all of them. They seemed to be very hostile against women & hold a lot resentment. Why do men hate women, what is it that they want from us?




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  • i think you mean 'why do men on the internet hate women'. they are a different kind of man, the ones that write those things hate women because they're nerdy computer types who were never looked at by the pretty girls in high school, and they want revenge!

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      I'm a nerdy computer type that wasn't looked at by pretty girls in high school and I adore women (except the crazy ones I dated). The misogynists on this site are something totally different.

  • i don't think they hate us but I think some lose respect for women cos of some of the crazy stuff they do

  • "question is closed" hahahahahahahahaha NO!










    Now to answer your closed question, men hate woman like you!

  • This is a great site to let out our frustrations as well as our progressive thoughts. The guys that are posting hostile responses likely have no real experience with women (meaning they haven't gone through a relationship where they really learned something about themselves as well as about the opposite sex) I've hated men... we all have. But, with my experience, I've learned you have to take the bad with the good and appreciate your differences to the opposite sex rather than dismiss them. I could say 50 bad things... or I could turn them into 50 things that make us different and instead list 50 more good things that I love about men. They just need to get over themselves a little... they are probly just frustrated... or else they wouldn't be on this site in the first place.

  • not all men hate woman that's stupied

    • This question is closed dear, I don't need more answers. Thanks anyway, but I closed this question weeks ago.

  • as crazy as it may seem I think most women called it on themselves. Many women need to respect themselves b4 anyone will respect them. That does not excuse some guys behavior in any way. The sleeping around and everything that SOME do is too much. Respecting yourself speaks volumes to anyone else. Besides that some guys are jerks by nature and I think they follow thier friends or what they think is cool. GUYS LOVE TO IMPRESS THIER FRIENDS! A lot of guys still get what they want regardless of the disrespect they have b because most women let them! As result they continue. You have to respect and love you first!

  • Well, I admit that I have had issues with men myself, like every other woman out there. Most men don't see what a wonderful person I am, don't bother to really get to know me and don't see me as worth more than a good time or a FWB. Since I'm abstinent, it's just one more reason for men to reject me. Because of the way I'm built, men assume I'm this undercover whore or tramp who goes around hooking with every guy I meet because I wear sweats and don't dress up or wear makeup and keep to myself; the truth is I am always alone. No one approaches me and when I approach guys, they assume I just want to hook up and I don't. Even the average and below-average looking guys want a woman who looks like she's in the running for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover or centerfold spread and while I am attractive, I'm not attractive enough to be seen with, so they want to take me out late at night and sit in the back of some dive and hide me and walk ahead of me so no one thinks we're together. I have more self respect than to let a man treat me like that.

    A lot of times people tend to treat the next one they meet based on how they themselves were treated by the last one--remember the girl who "laid down the law" on the first date about how she wasn't going to put up with cheating or lying or laziness?--and that isn't right. I used to do that, but I stopped; however I no longer date. Dating is supposed to be fun, but I don't find it fun for a man to ask me for sex on the first date. I don't ask for money on the first date. That's tacky. Just remember that not all women hurt or mistreated you; judge them not on the merits of others, but on their own.

  • men hate women probably for the same reasons some women hate men:

    1. they lie

    2. they cheat

    3. they lie under pressure

    4. they are conceited and arrogant, and self centered and manipulative

    5. they steal and they complain way too much if they don't get their way

    blah blah blah

    and some times women do this too.

    I try not to ofcourse but I have caught my guy doing this sh*t.

    dang, people get some morals! stop doing gay sh*t.

  • Okay I know exactly what you mean. I mean my dad was very hostile showed much hatred or disdain for me and my mother, and abused us, etc. I asked myself this question in general many times. The thing is, I try not to view it as "men" that hate women. It's just individuals that are guys, that maybe the woman they are with or whatever, it's just not meant-to-be, or working out, life is just so unpredictable. Women can be opressed by their husbands, but not every husband will do that, which I know that. But I grew into this world, thinking I did something wrong, with the way my father treated me, etc. But I'm saying the hatred can be controlled by the person who bears it, even if it derives from another source. So women or men that both show hatred or disdain for someone is control of their actions. We all have a choice. Even though women and men are very different, we are still the same in so many ways we both hurt and we can both love. People just have to try to see the whole picture, than just their part of the whole picture. We got to look and both women and men's point of view based on the situation, we have to justify the means. I found this question very interesting, and I hoped somehow I contributed my opinion in a good way to this question.

    • Great Answer, if I hadn't already given best answer, I'd give it to you!

  • It's because those who answer questions online is not an accurate sampling of all males. Only those with an axe to grind will bother responding to such a question. Most normal guys wouldn't bother. And the vocal but small minority will always be the loudest in such situations.

    Just like every time someone asks a question regarding race, crazy racists will crawl out of the woodworks. Some of these people like to specifically look for certain topics just to trash it.

    • that is so true!

  • not all of them I think, but most of them.

    'cause they think of a woman as a sexual partner...

    and maybe because woman are very emotional, immature and impatient and they hate it...




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      as great as those later qualities are, they end up very spoiled and stupid because you end up being loyal, forgiving and faithfull to the BIG COCK ASSHOLE GRUNT that got his penis in the door by being a prick. Your emotional nature did not let you see the perhaps awkward at times desperate nice guy who wanted your cooch. So now the good guy's turning bitter and jaded, and the well-played asshole PUA is being forgiven. Shaking my daamn head.

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      Jager66: I think that both sexes display their emotional immaturity on a daily basis.

    • Actually, to be specific women mature physically faster but men mature emotionally faster. gotta love cutting edge research!

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  • from what I know..

    men LOVE women!

    • yes, men do love women... if not, there's something mighty Brokeback going on.

  • Honestly, I think there are a large amount of men who behave badly and a large amount of women who behave badly. There's a large amount of PEOPLE who behave badly.

    We're all shaped by the same societal pressures. We live in a world where everything is telling us to be superficial, materialistic, competitive. To look out for ourselves and to be willing to step on whoever it takes to get to the top. But we don't want to seem like bad people, so we lie and justify our actions so that we have the guise of being good, caring, selfless people.

    It becomes a male versus female thing because:

    1. Men and women have different social pressures to behave in certain ways, so these bad behaviours may take different shapes. It leads to men having a better understanding of the actions of other men, but not understanding the actions of women (and vice versa).

    2. A huge goal for most people is to find a significant other. We tend to have higher expectations for a partner than we do for friends, so you're willing to overlook more about your same-sex friends than about potential romantic partners. What I mean is, most people are happy to have lots of friends, but are only looking for one significant other---so that one person has to be the "right" person. You don't have as high expectations for people of the same sex because you don't want as much from them, but you do look at members of the opposite sex much more critically.

    People are really good at holding other people to high standards, but what they need to do is to start holding themselves to higher standards. Look critically at your own behavior and think, "Would I want someone else to treat me this way?" Try honesty instead of game-playing. Try to be empathetic to the people around you. If you're looking for a certain quality in a partner, take a look at yourself ask if you have that quality yourself. You want a partner who is honest, confident, loving, trustworthy? Be that person yourself first.

    • i was going to say something similar but you said it very well

    • Sorry, I mean "take a look at yourself AND ask if you have that quality yourself."

  • Men hate women because of past experiences and they let their judgment be clouded and tainted. It's ridiculous. It's like letting one bad apple spoil the whole barrel or however it goes.

    • so true.. and vice versa.

    • irykiryk- People can't handle the truth, so they downsize it

    • Why would this answer get down votes? it's true

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  • The thing about asking questions like that is answering is optional. The results are so biased because you can decide whether or not to answer and those who decide to answer usually have a very strong opinion on what they're saying. Take surveys on receipts for example, if you had a really bad experience you might go out of your way to take the time to go to the website and complain (same if it was amazing) but if it was just so-so then you're less likely to take all that time and effort just to say it was OK. If you want the honest answer guys probably aren't gonna answer rambling about how much they love women, women probably wouldn't do it either (atleast I wouldn't).

    • Good Point!

  • Most of the guys on here are bitter and angry about their lack of success with women have this dislike/hatred and bitterness towards women.They whine and complain about their failures yet do nothing about it.I'm referring to the guys on this site,not all,but a majority

    • you are right on so many levels.

    • well, even women are so cruel to each other.

    • Most men don't feel this way...hence why those guys are able to have relationships with women,have girlfriends/wives...yet the same guys who answer in a bitter manner about their dislike towards women don't have girlfriends/wives...wonder why

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  • A lot of guys on here have had bad experiences with girls, that's why they're on this website, to ask questions in order to understand us better. Most of them just whine about us though.

    • Hmm... one might say that the women here have done the same... asking a question and complaining that all men hate women... and how big of pig every last man is because of a few bad apples.

      I love women, BTW. ;-)

    • LOL

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    I do not believe men actually hate women. When you ask me what I think of 'women', I think of a negative image because whenever someone discusses 'women' in general, it's either a man complaining about women, or women complaining about how women are so much better than men. So when a general question like that is asked, all the hell of battle of the sexes breaks loose.

    And by the way I am totally against any kind of gender superior crap. Battle of the sexes is disgusting and sexist.

    So I think if the responders actually thought of real women in their life, while there are the ones that hurt them, there are also the ones they love and forgot to mention. I suppose it would seem anti-male to talk about how great women are. Imagine if there was a question the same about men and the women started going "Men are so amazing, and we love them. They are such caring beautiful beings who are so good at fixing broken things...etc." Think what reactions that would get from angry feminists.

    So newsflash: feminists are not the only humans who don't want to appear submissive to the other gender.

    Feminists have also had another part to play in this. If a man said "We love women, women are tender and soft. They are such beautifully emotional beings who care for the home and hearth and children," then they would appear to be anti-feminist and oppressive to women.

    So in short, there are two stereotypes to choose from: the traditional woman and the feminist woman. The former would make the man seem like he is an asshole, so the latter is chosen, but the latter is portrayed as unfriendly toward men, so they are not going to be friendly to her either.

    And yes, they will choose a stereotype because it's a stereotype question. In reality, there is no one set of ideas that can characterise all women, same with men. Some are nice, some are not, etc.

    Hope this helps :). WE DON'T ALL HATE YOU REALLY!


    • most stereotypes, sadly?There's a REASON the stereotype exists in the first place, LMAO

      oh, NO... not each and every one you meet will fit whatever stereotype exists for them, but... always a majority do, ha ha

      I'm not bitter, I'm just a REALIST... men spend/spend/spend... do/do/do... and women just sit back and rake it all in... financially, presents, favors, emotionally... THEN they typically discard us for a richer, more slave-like replacement, LMAO... not ALL, but... *most do*

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    This is the internet, the place where whackos and nut jobs gravitate to each other and reinforce their own twisted views in isolation and anonymity. You should never, ever read something on the internet and assume it reflects the opinion of an entire group of people.

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    Because you don't like nice guys.

  • 43d

    You say all the mens responses were negative. That's not true.

    I have to say that womens tendency to exaggerate the truth, is one of the least likeable things about them.

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    ...and why do some people believe one sex hates the other? When assembled in groups (where the likelihood of groupthink increases at a rate proportionate to the numbers) men and women can be quite bold and prejudiced; individuals tell another story, I assure you. In lieu of hate, supplant the word with "disrespect," and I think you've nailed it.

    There have been situations during which a woman may have voiced how much she hates this-or-that about men, and when I managed to get her away from her group of eager male-detractors, I asked her if she really meant what she said--in most cases she did not. I'm not naïve enough to disregard that she may have been acquiescing because she may have felt somehow intimidated by me, but I choose to believe she was being forthright.

    Slightly off-track, what I do find most puzzling is how consistently North-American women commonly express such a negative view of men (who they as a group have already rejected time after time) who seek companionship overseas. The responses from the North-American women I've asked about it are breathtakingly brusque and (yes, frankly) bigoted or racist. Responses from foreign or non-native American women generally have been "que sera, sera" and allow a man, like a woman, to pursue his path to happiness. Interestingly, the most vituperative (and defensive) responses have come from women who are highly educated and in high-paying or high-esteem jobs.

    So, if I may engineer your question a bit, I'd phrase it this way: "What specifics contribute to the common displays of disrespect among North-American men and women?"

  • Most women these days act as if they should be worshipped simply for owning a vagina. They have no real interests; they mostly just gossip, badmouth people, and waste time in general. They're usually very fat and frequently unhygienic. They can't cook, clean or do anything of value and truly believe their guy should do all that just to get sex. They spend most of their copious free time planted in front of a television letting their mind atrophy and their butt expand.

    The results of this are clear. Divorce rates are up, marriage rates are down, and women -- not men -- are complaining about difficulty marrying. Rather than growing up, white women are looking more and more toward minority races for guys who will pedestalize them, as white guys are increasingly aware, and sick of, the "Princess" routine. It's particularly disgusting when you see women in their 60s and even 70s still acting and dressing like teenagers. "Cougars", they've come to be called, though I just call them disgusting. Grow up, seriously.

  • They want their original position back...remember Genesis, 3

  • Hi, I'm a man and I'm older and educated in psychology. Men don't understand what their problem is with women. It takes an older person to understand. Believe it or not things used to be different and men liked women a lot more. I'll use a comparison: The government used to be liked by the American people and you would be called bad names by everyone if you said anything bad about the Govt. "a Commy" Then came legislation...laws to make the laws easier to enforce, raises. Soon we have 5000 federal laws to obey...Guess what most of America hates American govt..and they don't even want to talk about it anymore. You can't legislate respect or love...We did the same with women...laws to protect, make more money on and on..(I'm not saying they weren't needed, or good or bad..I try my best not to have an opinion, I like facts.) This "love" has to be given or there will be resentment. LOVE AND RESPECT CANNOT BE LEGISLATED. So take what you will, but you will not have both, most of the time. There will be abuse by whomever has power. When you legislate a new set of rules it gets complicated and few men have the capacity to understand that. They didn't hardly understand it before . Right...there was a problem, that's why we made some changes. You expect them to be able to digest a change like what has happened? If they are young they don't know what has happened but their instincts tell them that something is not right.. What did God design them to do ...We have not made any physical changes in man. They are like a boat out of water.

    • 1mo

      I disagree that "most of America hates American govt..." I find where people "hate" or distrust government is among those who haven't taken the initiative to actually study how our government is supposed to function.

    • We've truly passed enough laws to make the strongest man, a whimp.

    • ok

  • From reading these comments, it appears both genders show hatred towards each other. This gender war is ridiculous and I don't care who started it! Both men and women need to put their differences to the side and focus on the real problems that is affecting them as people! As messed up the world is, we all have to work together to solve problems! Just hating on each other shows in immaturity and keeping the future in the dark.

  • I don't hate women. Theirs just things that I don't like about some, but I don't hate women.

  • Men don't hate women. The ones that come across like that probably really hate only 1 woman at the time of answering that question so it comes across like he hates women.

  • because we love them, and it makes us weak, and when you surrender to that weakness and fully love a woman, she feels that weakness, and she is attracted to power. Can't love a woman, but we want to, that's the curse.

  • "Men" <- Generalizing. Quit it. Seriously. It's a two way street. Some guys do. Some girls do. Not every single damn one of us. There's about 6.5 billion men in the world. When you say "men" you talk about every single one of them. You're not helping anyone by creating a bias in your mind or others.

  • I don't. But why do some women hate men? A few bad experiences shouldn't shift what we feel as a whole towards the opposite gender, easier said than done, but that's what I feel.

  • because you're all crazy...

  • i hate arrogant women, but I love women in General

  • That's a very general over bearing question. Quite a few men hate women, but quite a few women hate men. They're called feminists.

    Both sides have many reasons, but really the big ones stem from a hatred of the other biological nature. For example:

    The men who hate women for the most part think women are materialistic and greedy, and only want them for their money. This is an exaggeration of women's biological drive to seek one partner who is financially stable who can take care of her offspring.

    The women who hate men for the most part think men are domineering animals who only want them for sex. This is an exaggeration of men's biological drive to seek many sex partners to spread his genes around.

    So, if both sides just accepted the others' natural drives, then the whole world would be blue skies and gum drops.

  • Yeah you can't have a black and white answer from a grey question like that. Depends on the female role models the men have in their lives. Also, men will generally answer that question based on the women they meet in their lives. Usually, we don't meet nice women in general. Same as women don't meet nice men in general. That's why men think all women are bitches and women think all men are dogs. It's how we eventually meet the right person because we have so many not so right people to help us know what the right person will be when we eventually do meet them.

    Also, that question is a pretty loaded question as AdamBH gave and observation of. If you answer it in one way or another, you're going to be labelled as either chauvinistic or "whipped" and a poof. That question, in itself, is probably why guys are got so negative to her about women. It's a dangerous question that makes us have to choose a side about how women should be and that's not fair for any guy. But I do see where she is coming from with that type of question and I don't think she meant it to be a loaded one. Guys aren't very cut-n-dry as society would lead people to believe.

  • Personally, I love women. Seriously, I'm kindof "girl-crazy." But that's just me. I can't stand some women, but that's because either they're really annoying or because they've hurt me in some way. However, I still like being around them because, well, I'm girl-crazy.

  • playing games with our minds

  • haha I enjoy this question

    its not that we hate women. but we hate women who think they all that

    who think they can scrape by life living off there parents or bf/fiance/husband forever

    i only hate women in general cause I think they all crazy until proven different haha!

    but that doesn't mean I haven't met someone that changed that and more?

    honestly women hate men just as much. we live in a hateful world! haha

    this is too funny

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