Why do most guys hate cats?

Why do most guys hate cats? I mean it is an animal. Someone has to take care of them.


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    Because they can't play with cono like they can play with their weiner dogs ;)


    • Yep! I saw that!

    • Did you know drumking got banned yesterday? Another one bites the dust!

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  • I didn't know they did. They're not as cool as dogs I think. lol

  • No

    • :P

    • hahahahahaahahha Yes I am! totally! : )

    • DIANA! Are you fo' real!

  • awww that link is so cute :)

  • Hmm like all of my boyfriends loved cats.

  • My Guy loves cats :)

  • I always wonder that too. I'm very much a cat person and most guys I know or have discussed it with seem to have this weird loathing of cats, lol, like they're all the same or something. Cats are as varied in personality as dogs or any other animal. =P

    • Same. My dude normally hates cats but he likes mine cause they're friendly. He says he hates cats because they're bitches and always hate him. Yeah cause they sense his nasty attitude! Lol, same way they pick up on fear and other emotions. =P

    • Right?!?! I think people misunderstand them because cats take no bullsh*t!

  • my dad doesn't like cats or dogs because he thinks they are just extra money to pay for the animals food, extra time to treat the animal well and plus he doesn't like how the animals smell.

    he doesn't hate animals lovers, he's just not one.

  • All I know is that I love all animals :D

    Especially BIG puppies and my fat kittycat Sassy. She's a little bitch, I loooooovvvveeee her!


    • Ahahahaha, I call one of mine a bitch too, she can be so arrogant! But she likes to stay with me when I sleep. It's like she is protecting me. It's so cute. :D

  • They're creepy looking.

  • I hate cats. I guess that makes me a guy. Damn!

    • *blushing* :D

    • :D lol It's all yours, babe! haha

    • Where is my remote control? :D :O :D lol

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  • cats scare me :(

    so do dogs. :( :(

    we can only keep little fishes as pets...

    • @Alt - you are!

    • *winks just to feel like I'm part of the conversation

    • <3 :D

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  • the cat does not need anyone to take care of them, they are fine just by themselves. Then humble humans arrive to 'take care' of them, and they get f***ed up. Leave animals alone, they are just fine.. and better off

  • cats are OK but I'm not a fan.my brother found a kitten in a parking lot when it was three days old. It has to b bottle fed every two hours and can't even poop on its own. Dogs are way cooler

    • How do you think dogs are when their first born?

    • =O All animals are created equal. =D

  • I don't. Meow. :-P

  • cats like to play with fury balls with their claws and most guys don't like that

  • i like cats.

    • YOU ARE! XD

    • so I am really that popular? lol

    • I went to a pizzeria that had your profile pic on a flag and I thought of you. lol - I am not even kidding.

  • wow that is the sweetest video in the world

    • I know. *sigh*

  • Cats won't accept authority from them, or much of anyone else. Most guys are still into being 'the boss' at home even though they know it's not politically correct so they don't make it so obvious to dates or potential mates, usually.

    A guy who doesn't like cats is a guy who will try to be the boss once you are living together. Keep that in mind!

  • im not a cat person...cat fights on the other hand is a different thing ;)

    • :P

    • well...someone had to say it ;P

    • oh you naughty boy.

  • You have prejudices. If life.experiences aren`t there, then it will happen such.

  • Oh yeah by the way, dogs are the only creatures that understand the meaning of pointing. A cat'll just smell your finger.

  • I actually prefer cats to dogs(I love all animals). I am not sure why a lot of men do not like cats. Maybe because they are not easily dominated or they can be sneaky?

    • no problem...always will have your back funny girl

    • Thanks for defending me. :)

  • I don't hate them, but if I did, it'd be because they're not nearly as affectionate as dogs. A lot of them just do their own thing and I don't like that aspect of them. But some of them /are/ really affectionate, and I love that.

    • Right?!?!

    • @Update: Aww hahaha :D

    • Yay :D

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  • A man hates his wife’s cat, so one day he drives to the next town and dumps it. By the time he returns home the cat is already back. Next day he drives 50 miles and dumps it again, but the cat is back again. Finally, he drives to the other side of the country and dumps it. Hours later he phones the wife and says “is the cat there?” ”Yes” replies the wife. ”Put the bastard on, I’m lost”!

    • Hahahahaa! Awesome! :D

    • XD nice one

  • I hate dogs. I don't understand why anyone hates cats.

    • I love all animals.

  • I have three. I don't hate 'em. The mess, yes. Them, nope.

  • Ok...I love dogs more because they are more faithful to her owner unlike cats who acts like a mercenary, they only come when they want food only!

    plus dogs have way more intelligence than cats.

    • trust me it is not entirly true because some kind of dogs like German Shepard are way smart...but I only have them in the farm to keep mice out...other than that...I love my German Shepard dog...she is a true friend than a cat!


    • The intelligence thing is untrue. Cats understand they're just defiant. A cat has more intelligence.

  • I love me some p******!

  • Because they're jerks. (the cats, not the dudes)

    • *weeping*

  • Because dogs are SO much better! Pick a team. Pick a team.

  • i don't hate cats lol I love p****** :D

    • hm why did pu ss ies got censored? XD

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