Girls, a hot guy makes these comments, how would you react?

You're wearing shorts/miniskirt. A hot guy whom you don't know is walking behind you.

He says "Hi legs." How would you react? He says "I love a girl in shorts/a skirt." How would you react?


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    i would think he was being rude and obnoxious and was a generally self absorbed kinda person. I would try to get out of the situation as fast as possible!

  • If he said "Hi legs" , I wouldn't like that. It is kinda degrading..or something. It just doesn't sound nice at all. If he said "I love a girl in shorts/a skirt" I would say thanks and smile.

  • I would just laugh AT HIM...not with him.

  • I would ignore him. I would treat him like he does not exist.

  • I'd give him a dirty look and go on my way.

    Hot guys can still be creeps and weirdos and he would be one of them

  • I would think he's thirsty and probably throw him a cup of water.

  • "Go to Hell." That would be my response.

  • I would think you were a creep and I'd ignore you and go about my business.

  • give you a glare & keep walking

  • I'd assume that he only looked at my body and felt like it was the only way to formulate a pick up line to get my attention. I'd give him a 0/10 for originality.

  • I would probably assume that he is just trying to get it in and walk away.

    The comment isn't really personalized though, so I guess so it depends on how he was saying it. If he said it as a pick-up line I would probably walk away because the line wasn't personalized or catchy to me. If he was saying it as a conversation starter I would probably drop yoga pants into the conversation somehow because I am obsessed with them.


  • Inside I would feel good but a little leery about his intentions.

  • I am not saying you are this type but if I didn't know you from Adam I would think you are the type of guy that's trying to get a girl come back to your place for the night. But its just rude and a obnoxious comment. You don't have to be disrespectful about it

    • Its an expression and saying...meaning I have never met you before

    • Adam? Whose that?

  • I'm guessing that will get you a slap in the face unless you are friends with her.

  • I usually wear shirts that make it clear what kind of mood I am in. One time I saw this hot girl and I approached her and pointed to my shirt which read: "LOOK DOWN". She knew.