It's really annoying when people flirt with your boyfriend.

Even if it's just friendly it can sometimes be too much. It gets even worse if the person flirting is your friend. When a friend hits on your boyfriend it's hard to stop this without losing the friend, boyfriend, or both. Follow these steps to learn how.

1. Talk to your friend.

Tell her it makes you feel uncomfortable when she flirts with your boyfriend. A good friend will understand and back off. Don't be mean, just let her know that is awkward.

2. Talk about it with your boyfriend.

Tell him it makes you uncomfortable when she flirts with him. Also, ask if he will tell her to stop. If you tell her to back off it's WAY less effective than if he does. (When you tell her, it can often come across as rude or jealous. But if he does it, she will get the point.)

3. Watch your boyfriend and friend together.

Make sure he isn't adding to the situation or flirting with her first. If your boyfriend is encouraging the flirting, then it's time for you to find a new boyfriend.

4. Talk your friend more if it continues.

You may need to become more aggressive if she hasn't stopped by now. Try to remain calm but let her know exactly how you feel. Directly tell her that if she can't respect what you want than she isn't a true friend.

5. Know when its time to end a friendship.

If your friend continues flirting with your boyfriend then you shouldn't be friends. She should understand that what she's doing is wrong, and since she can't- you should not be friends.

Throughout the entire situation- remember that he is YOUR boyfriend. Always stay calm, but know that he likes you more so there is no need to be jealous.