My ex-girlfriend left me 6 months ago, still trying to move on but she keeps contacting me...?

My ex-girlfriend of two and a half years left me approximately 6 months She said that she did not love me anymore. I didn’t blame her, people fa been on the no contact rule for 6 months now, and while I promise you t contacts me at least once a week on instant messenger to talk about what sees me... Show More

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  • yes some guys always think of their ex girlfriends and not focus on the girl they're with. it happened to me also. it was a very painful experience for me since I had gotten out of a relationship with a horrible guy for a first boyfriend. I am totally traumatized well anyway. my advice to you is honestly end it with the girl you're with. it's not fair to her to be with someone who isn't into her. and I feel that you just want some comfort form this relationship or something to keep your mind busy. that's not how it's gonna happen. I'm sorry. you have to think if you were your current girlfriend, would you be p*ssed? I honestly would be. if I were her and devoting so much time into this and you're thinking about your ex and you're still in love with your ex, well, you get the idea? yep.

    you'll hurt the current girl less if you break up with her and let her free to find someone more suited to her and obviously be polite about it and explain. but if you stay with her and don't love her, that's even harsher.