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He's a very laid back, quiet guy....how to deal with him?

I've been dating this guy for about 7 weeks now, we met when I got his number and we texted and agreed to meet up. During the first couple of weeks,... Show More

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  • I see a couple of things that you can do here. First I just want to say, if you wanted a commitment from him and didn't want to get hurt,you should have waited to have sex until after you talked (or brought it up, what his intentions were when things were getting heated). I know it is hard, but it is for the best for yourself.

    Of course that did not happen this time. It does seem that he likes you, but you weren't clear on your boundaries from the beginning... so... at this point, you could continue to do nothing and keep seeing him, and try to do your own thing, meet other people, etc. This would be hard, because it is clear you want to have more with him.

    Or, you can talk to him now before your feelings get stronger. Be upfront. Tell him you have grown to like him a lot and you are at a point where you don't want to see anyone else (not that you have been, but you don't know if he is) and ask him if he is wanting the same thing... and go from there. I hope things work out.

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  • I am bloke definitely laidback and crazy... kinda trouble in the rave scene and get talking to girls and never seem to have time for a commited relationship, cos I lke MySpace 'belongs' to me... yes girls... we don't need your constant questions about what's on our minds every 2 seconds... do you reallyb want to know!!!

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  • I don't think there's anything to worry about. He's just a quieter guy and that's just how he's going to be. If you want more communication, just tell him how you feel and that you understand that he's busy , but he can throw in a text or a 2 min phone call to you daily. And also, it's still pretty early in your relationship, so I'm sure over time he'll open up to you even more and not be so quiet and laid back. It just takes time.

  • Hi I'm in exactly the same situation now... How did you approach it. How did it work out? x

  • My guy is shy & laid back & has a really crazy busy schedule. He texts me good morning (every) single morning and calls before bed (every night) even if we only talk for 5 minutes. Now that you have had sex with him (before) defining the relationship (a big No No), he has no motivation to trat you as a girlfriend.

    If he wants you as his lady (whether he is laid back or shy) he WILL make the effort. If your always making the effort & he is always saying that he's real busy then he just isn't into you. People make time for what they want & consider important. Time for you to move on.

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