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What does it mean if my ex replies to my text?

Had a disagreement with my ex , following which she told me that she can't take this any more and wants time to clear her head. After 2 weeks I text... Show More

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  • I agree that you should not jump to a conclusion based on a short text message.

    However, she did ask how you were; she asked a question of you. So it's reasonable to assume that she *might* be interested in at least a small degree of communication.

    Another however, however, is whether or not this woman is worth your time. Why are you two exes? Who ended the relationship, and why? Is she stringing you along as a backup plan? Is she showing respect for *your* feelings? Those are the important questions you need to ask yourself.

What Girls Said 5

  • kinda depends on what appened. she might be just indifferent. I would be like 'who cares abot him, isn't he with some chick right now, wtf'. up to you. it sounds like you like her, sh emight hav turned cynical. kinda depends on your guys' past

  • She was polite and replied. I really doesn't give any indication of how she feels about you. Unless she starts texting you a lot and often than don't look too much into it.

  • Don't jump to conclusions. Replying takes a person no mental or physical effort. Reading too much into every little action is the worst a person can do.

    You shouldn't really be communicating with your ex anyway.

  • I think she is polite by answering your question but seriously, how meaning is "ok&u"? She probably asked you how you're doing because it is expected of the person who was asked that question to respond by asking the same question. Don't put too much thought into it and try finding someone who has better communication skills. :- 3

  • I don't think it means much...my ex of 9 years and I have been broken up for 7 months and not on very friendly terms...i will text him and sometimes he replies and sometimes he doesn't...i want it to mean something but it doesn't or he would be back home with me by now...

What Guys Said 6

  • If you guys have not talked in two weeks, I would say it is over. At least start over. If she is the love of your life, then start slow and work your way back into her heart. If she is a passing thing, let it pass and move on, it sounds like she has.

    Good Luck


  • Its over, leave it alone, don't ask for more closure, forget about it. That's just what I would do, if you really really liked her then ask her if there is still a chance if not, then "let me stop wasting your time and leave you alone"

    Hope this helped

  • I don't think you can jump to the conclusion that she interested based on that single response. However, because she did respond, it is probably okay to began talking to her casually.

  • still interest I doubt that. Move on and let go because her txt was short and that shows she was trying to be polite with you nothing more nothing less

  • What does it mean when I breathe air?

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