What does it mean if my ex replies to my text?

Had a disagreement with my ex , following which she told me that she can't take this any more and wants time to clear her head. After 2 weeks I text her asking how she was and she replies to my text and texts back "I am ok & u?. What does this mean , is she still interested in me, is it ok to contact her again?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree that you should not jump to a conclusion based on a short text message.

    However, she did ask how you were; she asked a question of you. So it's reasonable to assume that she *might* be interested in at least a small degree of communication.

    Another however, however, is whether or not this woman is worth your time. Why are you two exes? Who ended the relationship, and why? Is she stringing you along as a backup plan? Is she showing respect for *your* feelings? Those are the important questions you need to ask yourself.