Alcohol and cheating?

are you more apt to cheat if you are drinking?

  • Vote A Yes, but I still do it
  • Vote B Yes, so I don't drink w/o my significant other
  • Vote C No more than when I'm sober
  • Vote D No, I would never cheat
  • Vote E I don't drink
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmmm...I was sober the only time I've ever cheated but all my exes that decided to cheat were wasted. I think they used it as an excuse.

    You know the old saying "drunk minds have sober thoughts"

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      I have actually never heard that saying before, but it makes me sad because I am more apt to cheat when I am drunk, so I don't drink w/o my bf... but I hate that I can't be faithful sober AND drunk..

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      I know exactly what you are saying. Personally, when I get drunk I am more confident and more prone to tell a woman she it cute/pretty/hot etc., but not to cross any boundaries.