Alcohol and cheating?

are you more apt to cheat if you are drinking?

  • Yes, but I still do it
    20% (3)18% (2)19% (5)Vote
  • Yes, so I don't drink w/o my significant other
    27% (4)9% (1)19% (5)Vote
  • No more than when I'm sober
    7% (1)27% (3)15% (4)Vote
  • No, I would never cheat
    20% (3)18% (2)19% (5)Vote
  • I don't drink
    26% (4)28% (3)28% (7)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hmmm...I was sober the only time I've ever cheated but all my exes that decided to cheat were wasted. I think they used it as an excuse.

    You know the old saying "drunk minds have sober thoughts"

    • I have actually never heard that saying before, but it makes me sad because I am more apt to cheat when I am drunk, so I don't drink w/o my bf... but I hate that I can't be faithful sober AND drunk..

    • I know exactly what you are saying. Personally, when I get drunk I am more confident and more prone to tell a woman she it cute/pretty/hot etc., but not to cross any boundaries.

What Guys Said 9

  • Alcohol has been known to cause people to revert more to their basic instincts. I think that a lot of guys would, but I also think that a lot of guys in that scenario would become a victim of what my father refers to as "whiskey-dick", which is when you're so drunk it can't get hard. This is usually the final stage of drunkenness before totally blacking out/memory loss.

    • I have never experienced the "whiskey dick" you speak of, but I know of it. I actually have the complete opposite problem i.e. it won't go down and I can't get off when I'm drunk and the Mrs. encourages me to drink on weekends. =/

  • Well for most men if we drink so much alcohol that we totally lose our inhibitions to cheat we also come down with another condition at the same time called "whiskey dick." Whiskey dick is where you can't get totally hard (you get half-cocked at best) and even if you can get hard enough to stick it in it takes you 2 hours to release because you can't even concentrate and start thinking of the most random sh*t in the middle of sex. Plus, in my case anyways, when I drink I don't get horny, I get less horny so I voted C.

  • Yes

  • Yes, I think it distorts your judgement, so you're more likely to do something you wouldn't normally do. But if someone is in a relationship, I think they should know when they're putting themselves in a situation where they could do something stupid.

  • If I got drunk enough to cheat I would not be able to. So no, but in general people are apt to do lots of dumb think when drunk.

    I do flirt a bit more.

  • its up to that person. if he knows that he's gonna want some after he drinks then its his call. if he does drink and he know that he would want some and his significant other is not there, what does that say about him, he's not thinking with his head but his dick. I personally could control myself regardless if I was drinking or not but I guess its something to get use to and the type of person you are.

  • i dnt drink but I go out with my mates still to drink and most of the guys seem normall or are to drunk to even think about sex let alonge try it. but the girls on the other hand have sometime swayed into the wrong guys hands when drunk and the guys take advantage of it so I would say girls are more likly to then guys

  • i'm always up to cheating


What Girls Said 5

  • No,i don't think so.

    If youve got it in you to be a cheat, you have got it in you to be a cheat-alcohol or not.

    If you havent,then alcohol won't sway you,thats my view on it.

    I think it makes a good excuse though,or An EXCUSE,not really a good one lol.

    Its never made me want or feel more able to cheat.

  • Alcohol sometimes makes you do crazy things. I got myself in a situation like this a few times. The one thing that I advise is that it happens to you, try keep it a secret from your bf.

    • It actually happened to me before... I didn't have sex or anything... but we definitely crossed a few boundaries.. and I told my boyfriend and he took a break from me for a few months... we are all set now.. but I learned my lesson the hard way :/

  • Yes.

  • yes, but it is not an excuse

  • im extra horny when I drink so I think I would!