If you smile at a girl, and she smiles back, does it mean she has a crush on you?

Like if she had showed interest before, but slowed down because you were too nervous to approach her. So you saw her in school, and if you smiled at her, and she smiled back, would it be just friendly or would she want you to approach?

Or if she doesn't smile back?


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    if someone smiled at me, regardless of who it was, I would smile back. it's just good manners to acknowledge people. I wouldn't read too far into it.

  • It depends on the girl. If a guy smiles at me I always smile back. If I see a guy staring at me in class I make eye contact and then smile. Some girls if they are flirts they are impossible to tell but some of the more shy girls if they smile they at least think of you as nice or a friend.

  • I always smile back when someone smiles at me, so it's impossible to judge from that.

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