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Why does my ex still talk to me ?

Why does my ex still talk to me ? she dumped me and she has a bf, I tried my best to move on by going to other countries with friends to get my mind... Show More

she said she is content with her boyfriend but she also said she loves him. The one thing that also confuses me is when she tells him her problems she says she feels bad because her boyfriend can't do anything to help her because he lives in canada
but she tells me her problems and I try to help her and she is happy when I talk to her and I don't even have to see her.

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  • Five years is a long time. She most likely still feels attached to you. A new relationship can be scary, and I would bet it is reassuring for her to speak with you because you represent familiarity, comfort, and love.It is possible that she still holds a candle for you, but by continuing to confide in you, she is making it difficult for both of you to open yourselves entirely and honestly to other people.In my opinion, either talk with her about it or cut off all communication entirely. You don't deserve to live your life in the grey area, and it sounds to me as though her contact with you is affecting your ability to truly get over her.

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  • Well, either she wants to be close friends with you because you probably had a special place in her heart that she doesn't wanna let go of. Or she's lying and she's not at all happy with her new mate and telling you lies to make it seem all fine and sweet.Hope this helped :)

    • Thanks it did

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  • Man, she's still talking to you because she has feelings for you. She may be content with her boyfriend but there's still a connection she feels with you and she obviously misses you. I would talk to her and see if you still feel a connection. Good luck man.

    • Thanks this gave me some insight

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