Break-up.. reunite success stories please!!

just wanting to hear some success stories of people who have broken up and gotten back together.. how long were you together for? and how long did you spend apart before getting back together? my current situation is I was seeing a girl and we were both crazy about each other but she is not in the right head space for a relationship atm, so I'm in the process of waiting.. its very emotionally draining so any success stories to take my mind off it and see how things work out in the end would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!


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  • together 2 years, broke up for 6, slowly gradually building it back up. neither of us dated anyone or even contemplated in between. we talked a lot about the good times and the bad, we talk more about our ambitions and what we want to achieve. let me tell you something, when he broke up with me I tried to look for so much hope and it seemed there wasn't any. but once me and him got ourselves bcak on track, I didn't feel like sharing my "success story". I'd ignore those questions because once you have them again you don't want to open old wounds, especially so soon. and then I realised if I could give hope to one person who belives there isn't any then I will. also my guy's best friend has recently got back with his ex who he broke up with two years ago after a brief fling after being clsoe friends for a long time. he then started seeing someone else who turned out to be his ex's roomate! his ex was still in love with him and he broke up with the new girlfriend and 6 months later got back with his ex, and now they're blissfully happy. if you want to ask any questions, feel free to ask! I understand how important support is right now.


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  • My boyfreind and I were togther for a year and a half when he broke up with me. His reasoning was that we don't "shoot the sh*t" or just hang out anymore. We ended up being just girlfreind and boyfreind rather than bestfreinds. I did not want the break up and I was devasted for about 4 weeks. I didn't talk to him once after the break up until 4 weeks later. I told him I thought our chemistry was wight and that I wanted to get back together. We decided to lay everything out on the table and adress the areas of our relationship that needed to change and the ones that we wanted to keep. So far, it's been a week and we are doing well. I ma trying to keep his intrest by not being 100% available all of the time. My only worry is that I will lose his interest once again... Any suggestiions on how to keep his intrest after breaking up and making up?

  • I know you posted this a while ago, but I'm still going to share this with you...

    We broke up 8 weeks ago. I did the NC thing and he only called once to see how I was doing--that was at the very beginning. Then, nothing from either side. I have gone through hell for the last 8 weeks because even though I was the one that left him (he said he didn't "feel it" and was acting all cold towards me and so on,) I was the one that had loved the most...I'm sure you get the picture.

    Anyway, last weekend I feel like crap and call up my friend to do my little crying session with her. She tells me to stop crying over him because she had just seen his profile on and he was on the prowl already. Well, my stomach turned and I get really anxious, and now check this out: I call him to tell him that we need to talk. (Right? What was I thinking? But, I went with my heart on that one!) He obliges...He's very quiet while I'm talking, hears me out, then says he's really sorry. Says I was the one that left and didn't even want to talk to him (one must be careful with the NC thing,) that he had gone through hell too and did not know how to deal with things. That we all go through it in our own way and he just gave Match a try but all he could see was that nobody was like me...That fact made him miss me even more, and meanwhile he was not allowed to call me and tell me what he felt. I seemed very determined and terminal when we broke up (that's 'cause I was fed up with the situation we had going on before.) Side-note; I think that a grown man should be able to go after the one he cares for even when she tells him not too, especially in our circumstances, so that all sounds like a bit of bulls**t. Then again, he's always claimed it's hard for him to express his feelings. Anyway, he also said he was not talking to anyone or dating anybody, on the contrary, he had become quite the recluse...He said he'd like to talk face to face and so we made plans.

    Now forward to today (when we see each other after almost 2 months.)

    I had no expectations (I put it all in the hands of God.) We were happy to see eachother. Nervous as hell! We had coffee and a light convo. We smiled a lot. We asked a lot of questions. We did not speak of our old relationship though! I kept it short. We said good-bye and hugged. I left. On my way back to the train, I realized I left something at his place. I call him and he does not answer. I turn around, and see him walking towards me... He tells me he misses me, he just had to say it and did not wish me to leave without me knowing that. Says he doesn't know what else to say 'cause he has hurt me so much he wants to be careful, but that there are so many feelings inside of him...Looks at me tenderly. We hug again. Don't want to let go. We smile, laugh...Asks me if he can see me again. I say, "yes, soon." I kiss him on the cheek, and we say good-bye again, with the silliest (and melancholy) grins on the planet!

    What do you make of it?

  • Hey, so here is my reuniting story. My boyfriend and I dated for 3 years, and we broke up because we felt as if we had started drifting to being just friends in the last few months of our relationship. I did not want to break up, and even asked him a few weeks after NC if he wanted to try again. At the time he said 'no' and that 'not now didn't mean not never'. I was an emotional wreck during the first month of our break up, but after that first month I started feeling a bit better and he started initiating us hanging out once again which was a bit painful since every time I saw him, I would be a little depressed that we weren't together, however I respected what he said and never mentioned getting back together... I was actually starting to believe that we really never would be together. I began to go out on dates with a few people during that second month, only to realize that made me miss him even more. To top it off, he saw me on a date a week ago with some random boy... horrible situation. So basically last night was the birthday of a mutual friend of ours and we both went out with him. We ended up talking about everything, and he told me that he wanted to be with me and that we would both have to work on making sure that we did not take our relationship for granted this time. We are now in the process of repairing the damage our 3 month separation caused us. I have learned this much through my experience: second chances and getting back together only work if the relationship you had back then was overall a good and trusting one. You have to realize that if something is meant to be, then it will happen, you just have to sit back and be patient because taking matters into your own hands does not always end well. Also, let me say that there are so many good people out there, I actually began liking a lifetime friend of mine during the breakup and started thinking that once I got over my then ex I would possibly give it a shot with him. But my boyfriend never left my mind and I don't know how long it would've taken to be with another person, but I know thar I (and anyone else) would get there eventually.

    Thanks for reading if you did, and good luck to you

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  • I was in a long distance relationship for 5 years... we spent 2 years of them years broken up... I left the relationship as he was doing a lot of cheating/lying/manipulation...etc... We did get back together and have been together a year since... In the time apart it has given us both time to learn... time to grow... time to be whole new people... and a few things you learn from being seperated... absence makes the heart grow fonder... also one thing you MUST ALWAYS REMEBER... IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING SET IT FREE! I stand by this one... TRUE LOVE... TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES... If you have stolen someone's heart... YOU HAVE IT FOREVER... AND I MEAN FOREVER! If you have impacted it that much NOONE can replace you! Take in consideration also that I have had a long distance relationsip... miles and miles apart and spent 2 years apart and reunited! So you will find it as well! I WISH YOU THE BEST! KEEP UP THE HOPE/FAITH! IT WILL WORK OUT! BELIEVE!

    • Did you talk to each other during those two years separated? My LDR ex-boyfriend will not talk to me right now because he said it is just to hard and will keep our feelings open

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  • I'm also interested but I'm not going to take em too close to the heart. I've already established with my heart that I was going to get over her because if she cared so much about me as she claimed after going out for 10 months then she wouldn't just break up with me and the weekend after invite her "best friend" over to stay at her place here at our college and flirt with him the entire time.

    But yes..I'm interested as well.

  • I've never had one of those stories sadly. Sorry.

  • Yeah, I have a breakup success story. We became friends with benefits. It was great. All the sex with none of the nonsense.


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  • I'm interested in these replies also. How long were you together, how long have you been apart?

    My ex-girlfriend and I were together for 2 years. She dumped me saying she wanted to be alone and focus on other things in her life. We've been apart for 5 weeks now. I really don't even know how to approach it to get her back because she's serious about being alone to focus on those other things.