Break-up.. reunite success stories please!!

just wanting to hear some success stories of people who have broken up and gotten back together.. how long were you together for? and how long did you spend apart before getting back together? my current situation is I was seeing a girl and we were both crazy about each other but she is not in the right head space for a relationship atm, so I'm in the process of waiting.. its very emotionally draining so any success stories to take my mind off it and see how things work out in the end would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance!


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  • together 2 years, broke up for 6, slowly gradually building it back up. neither of us dated anyone or even contemplated in between. we talked a lot about the good times and the bad, we talk more about our ambitions and what we want to achieve. let me tell you something, when he broke up with me I tried to look for so much hope and it seemed there wasn't any. but once me and him got ourselves bcak on track, I didn't feel like sharing my "success story". I'd ignore those questions because once you have them again you don't want to open old wounds, especially so soon. and then I realised if I could give hope to one person who belives there isn't any then I will. also my guy's best friend has recently got back with his ex who he broke up with two years ago after a brief fling after being clsoe friends for a long time. he then started seeing someone else who turned out to be his ex's roomate! his ex was still in love with him and he broke up with the new girlfriend and 6 months later got back with his ex, and now they're blissfully happy. if you want to ask any questions, feel free to ask! I understand how important support is right now.

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