Does my ex boyfriend still want to be friends or no?

Alright, so I'm trying to figure out if my ex boyfriend still actually want to be friends or if he was just saying it to be nice. He broke up with me because he saw me as just a friend but said he really didn't want to come off as a jerk and that he still wanted to be friends. Despite this, he... Show More

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  • From my perspective, he is being a sweet guy trying not to be an ass COMBINED with wanting to keep you around incase things change. You two broke up for a reason either way. In this situation, I would continue what you were already doing - improving yourself. If he changes his mind, then the ball is in your court to accept him back.

    In the mean time, improving yourself (going to college, working, etc) will make you more desirable to other men. Everyone likes someone with depth.

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