Why do women love tall men?

Why do women love tall men?

Is it a feeling of protection?

Is it so you can wear high heels?

I'd love to know what it is about a tall man that drives women crazy. Especially shorter women.


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  • I'm 5'3", so most men are taller than me, but there is something really appealing about an especially tall man, anything over 6 feet. I've always had a thing for "gentle giant" type guys. in other words, a guy who looks like he could beat the crap out of somebody (and could if he wanted to), but is generally a big sweetie. (And I realize the ability to protect is not necessarily based on size--but somehow we always associate the two). I think for me the "protective" factor is a big part of it. I'm a tomboy and not usually fond of gender stereotypes, but there is just something undeniably sexy about having a big strong man who can protect you.

    Not to mention the feeling of hugging a tall guy and having your head rest on his chest.

    Ahem. Anyway, even though I find tall guys attractive, that doesn't mean I wouldn't date a shorter guy. In fact, I'm now married to a man who's 5'8", which is not too short, but not exactly tall either. There are plenty of cute shorter guys out there. :-) Height is only one factor, and it's really not all that important.

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      What is all this "I feel safe" stuff? This isn't the ice age, girls! Did you know that only 15% of American men are 6' or taller? You have just eliminated 85% of men with your requirements. Add into the equation looks and wallet size that you all generally prefer and you are in strong completion for the few that remain. Good luck with your fairy tale!

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      They really must be scared of us short men since there is only 15% of men that can protect them from the rest of us.

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      Heh... you keep bringing up your 5'8 husband as if you deserve some entitlement from it. That doesn't really matter if you WANT to be with a taller guy!!! You probably watch lots of p*rn and disney movies and read too many model magazines if that perspective is still etched in your f***ing brain!!!