Why do women love tall men?

Why do women love tall men?

Is it a feeling of protection?

Is it so you can wear high heels?

I'd love to know what it is about a tall man that drives women crazy. Especially shorter women.


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  • I'm 5'3", so most men are taller than me, but there is something really appealing about an especially tall man, anything over 6 feet. I've always had a thing for "gentle giant" type guys. in other words, a guy who looks like he could beat the crap out of somebody (and could if he wanted to), but is generally a big sweetie. (And I realize the ability to protect is not necessarily based on size--but somehow we always associate the two). I think for me the "protective" factor is a big part of it. I'm a tomboy and not usually fond of gender stereotypes, but there is just something undeniably sexy about having a big strong man who can protect you.

    Not to mention the feeling of hugging a tall guy and having your head rest on his chest.

    Ahem. Anyway, even though I find tall guys attractive, that doesn't mean I wouldn't date a shorter guy. In fact, I'm now married to a man who's 5'8", which is not too short, but not exactly tall either. There are plenty of cute shorter guys out there. :-) Height is only one factor, and it's really not all that important.

    • What is all this "I feel safe" stuff? This isn't the ice age, girls! Did you know that only 15% of American men are 6' or taller? You have just eliminated 85% of men with your requirements. Add into the equation looks and wallet size that you all generally prefer and you are in strong completion for the few that remain. Good luck with your fairy tale!

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    • They really must be scared of us short men since there is only 15% of men that can protect them from the rest of us.

    • Heh... you keep bringing up your 5'8 husband as if you deserve some entitlement from it. That doesn't really matter if you WANT to be with a taller guy!!! You probably watch lots of p*rn and disney movies and read too many model magazines if that perspective is still etched in your f***ing brain!!!

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  • Heals! Definitely heals. I'm 5'4" and my guys is 5'7". When I wear heals I don't feel as petite and delicate around him. I like when he looks down at me and kisses me. When we are at the same level, its not the same. I've started buying a lot of flats lately because of this. I usually date guys that are 6' or taller.

  • Probably the feeling of protection for most women. It's not that we usually need protecting anymore, but way back in the evolutionary line, a female who had a tall and strong mate would be better protected and her children would have a better chance of surviving. Hence, nowadays, we can't help ourselves; we think tall men are sexy and can't always put our finger on why! Also, since men are generally taller than women, tallness is associated with masculinity.

    On a personal note, I'm 5'8" and LOVE to wear high heels, but if I'm already taller than a guy I'm with, it just seems cruel to do so. Hence one reason why my gay best friend is such a good date for formal dances; he's 6'2" and I can wear the tallest heels I want! ;)

    • I do agree with the evolutionary perspective on this. But in addition, I think the media does promote the custom of men being taller than women further. If you just watch any movie, the female in there are almost ALWAYS shorter than the guy she's with. And the main male character in most movies are of average height or taller

    • That's true. While I think the attraction initially comes from evolution, the media definitely emphasizes the desirability for women to have a taller mate. I'd love to see a movie where you've got a woman being the taller one in a relationship (and the guy isn't being made fun of because of it! )

  • See, for us women we have been embedded since childhood about the fairy tales of our handsome, tall, prince charming coming to rescue us. It's sad I know but it's expected of us to be with guys who are taller than us.

    In my opinion, I would prefer a taller guy just because when I hug him his head rests on top of my head and not my shoulders!

    But you just have to find a woman who loves a shorter man for what they are. Take Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, it is evident she's taller than him but it still works out. And there have been many more women towering their men.

  • I'm really tall, almost 6'0" and I have a lot of male friends, and feel kinda like the tall/tough one with my female friends. So I think it is because it makes me feel more feminine, delicate and somehow sexy.

    • Only a women as tall as you should feel like you need a guy to be over 6'.

      All you short women should get real nobody wants to date someone a foot shorter than them.

  • Being a girl who's 6' tall, I've never dated someone THAT much taller than me. The tallest guy I've dated was 6'3. I've also dated shorter guys. I can understand where the rest of the girls are coming from, saying they want to feel protected and smaller, but it'd be a shame to pass a person up just because of height. Besides, both tall and short have their advantages.

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  • I think it's more prominent these days because women have more options, or at least feel like they do.

    50's - you had the "Mrs" degree kind of thinking. So you find someone in high school or a few years later.

    I go through these ads and I see all these women (average women, by the way) who are demanding 6'0 and above) - Honey, you're 5'3 What are you being so picky about?

    But, you sometimes get what you demand in a negative way too. I know of all kinds of women who are dating a guy because he's wealthy. Then they get married, and complain (or cheat) because they guy is never around. When they were dating though, they saw him as "ambitious and committed to being a good provider. " Now he's "emotionally distant and won't give me what I need. "

    I know a woman who's dating a druggie and cheater because he makes over 150,000 a year and he's good looking (although it's "not about the looks or money. " Riiiiiiiiiight. You keep telling yourself that). Boy, she's going to be surprised when she finds out how much of a problem he is when things get tough and he cheats or goes back to drugs. But, that's what she's asking for. The drug use (he's not doing it right now) doesn't matter to her, and the cheating doesn't matter. For now. But the money does. But maybe, if she ever chooses to grow up a little, maybe the cash won't be quite so important as how he's treating her or if he's there for her.

    There are more options today for a woman. So she can be as picky as she wants, and she'll usually get what she wants; but she'll also get some things that she won't want in there because she's looking at the surface stuff.

  • Being a short man is hell. Just a living hell. I stopped counting the amount of rejections by women because of my lack of height when I reached 4,000 back 10 years ago. Yes, I counted. many of those women rejected me quite rudely at that. Wish I could tell women no because their boobs are not to my liking just so they know how it feels. Reality being what it is.

    But I have noticed that this trend of tall-men-only-apply attitude is mostly an american theme. Asian women don't seem to mind this as much.

    This is why I will not have kids and went thru the surgery to make sure it does not happen. My sons will be just as short as I and I will not bring more souls into this world to suffer as I have. Forget it. Can't make women understand that is it equally wrong to measure the quality of a man based on his height as it is to measure the quality of a woman based on her bra size.

    • Its true I think. Its really an American thing. I'm 5'9" and thin and European girls can't seem to get enough haha. My last girlfriend was French and had zero interest in tall men. She was actually exactly the same height. I think it has some thing to do with our culture. Now that I think about it the French exchange students didn't seem to be as picky as Americans generally are (myself included). Let all go to Europe! Lol

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    • I know being short can be a problem. But not having kids because of this reason is gross I feel.

    • Also getting girls is a matter of brain rather than the height. I have seen tall and hefty men act p**** and get no girls.

  • Sense of security.

  • I've always thought women liked tall men because of protection. Me being 6'0 myself I have had the personal experience to know this, they just love the way it feels I guess. LADIES I'm single

  • It a sense of security thing, only answer. Women like to feel secure and protected so they like taller guys. Not that a tall guy is more capable of that but I guess visually it feels that way. I'm not really tall average, 5'10", but I actually like my height, and can use my speed and agility to my advantage! Hahaha :D

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