Why do women love tall men?

Why do women love tall men?

Is it a feeling of protection?

Is it so you can wear high heels?

I'd love to know what it is about a tall man that drives women crazy. Especially shorter women.


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  • I'm 5'3", so most men are taller than me, but there is something really appealing about an especially tall man, anything over 6 feet. I've always had a thing for "gentle giant" type guys. in other words, a guy who looks like he could beat the crap out of somebody (and could if he wanted to), but is generally a big sweetie. (And I realize the ability to protect is not necessarily based on size--but somehow we always associate the two). I think for me the "protective" factor is a big part of it. I'm a tomboy and not usually fond of gender stereotypes, but there is just something undeniably sexy about having a big strong man who can protect you.

    Not to mention the feeling of hugging a tall guy and having your head rest on his chest.

    Ahem. Anyway, even though I find tall guys attractive, that doesn't mean I wouldn't date a shorter guy. In fact, I'm now married to a man who's 5'8", which is not too short, but not exactly tall either. There are plenty of cute shorter guys out there. :-) Height is only one factor, and it's really not all that important.

    • What is all this "I feel safe" stuff? This isn't the ice age, girls! Did you know that only 15% of American men are 6' or taller? You have just eliminated 85% of men with your requirements. Add into the equation looks and wallet size that you all generally prefer and you are in strong completion for the few that remain. Good luck with your fairy tale!

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    • They really must be scared of us short men since there is only 15% of men that can protect them from the rest of us.

    • Heh... you keep bringing up your 5'8 husband as if you deserve some entitlement from it. That doesn't really matter if you WANT to be with a taller guy!!! You probably watch lots of p*rn and disney movies and read too many model magazines if that perspective is still etched in your f***ing brain!!!

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  • Heals! Definitely heals. I'm 5'4" and my guys is 5'7". When I wear heals I don't feel as petite and delicate around him. I like when he looks down at me and kisses me. When we are at the same level, its not the same. I've started buying a lot of flats lately because of this. I usually date guys that are 6' or taller.

  • Probably the feeling of protection for most women. It's not that we usually need protecting anymore, but way back in the evolutionary line, a female who had a tall and strong mate would be better protected and her children would have a better chance of surviving. Hence, nowadays, we can't help ourselves; we think tall men are sexy and can't always put our finger on why! Also, since men are generally taller than women, tallness is associated with masculinity.

    On a personal note, I'm 5'8" and LOVE to wear high heels, but if I'm already taller than a guy I'm with, it just seems cruel to do so. Hence one reason why my gay best friend is such a good date for formal dances; he's 6'2" and I can wear the tallest heels I want! ;)

    • I do agree with the evolutionary perspective on this. But in addition, I think the media does promote the custom of men being taller than women further. If you just watch any movie, the female in there are almost ALWAYS shorter than the guy she's with. And the main male character in most movies are of average height or taller

    • That's true. While I think the attraction initially comes from evolution, the media definitely emphasizes the desirability for women to have a taller mate. I'd love to see a movie where you've got a woman being the taller one in a relationship (and the guy isn't being made fun of because of it! )

  • See, for us women we have been embedded since childhood about the fairy tales of our handsome, tall, prince charming coming to rescue us. It's sad I know but it's expected of us to be with guys who are taller than us.

    In my opinion, I would prefer a taller guy just because when I hug him his head rests on top of my head and not my shoulders!

    But you just have to find a woman who loves a shorter man for what they are. Take Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, it is evident she's taller than him but it still works out. And there have been many more women towering their men.

  • I'm really tall, almost 6'0" and I have a lot of male friends, and feel kinda like the tall/tough one with my female friends. So I think it is because it makes me feel more feminine, delicate and somehow sexy.

    • Only a women as tall as you should feel like you need a guy to be over 6'.

      All you short women should get real nobody wants to date someone a foot shorter than them.

  • Being a girl who's 6' tall, I've never dated someone THAT much taller than me. The tallest guy I've dated was 6'3. I've also dated shorter guys. I can understand where the rest of the girls are coming from, saying they want to feel protected and smaller, but it'd be a shame to pass a person up just because of height. Besides, both tall and short have their advantages.

  • i like feeling protected and safe, that's why I like taller men

    • Aww for the love of Pete's sake that's bullsh*t and you know it. You may want to try and believe that that's how it's supposed to be but it's not!! Get over your self absorbed SHALLOW self!!! Men all know that most women want the 6' ++ tall jackass but that's simply not reality!! 5'9" to 5'11" men are just as good as 6' tall men if actually not better. Plus the 5'0" to 5'4" women have to stand on their toes anyways for a man that is 5'9", 5'10" 5'11" men!! So get over yourself!!!

    • Im only 16 and I'm 6 foot 6 lol.

  • You know good question - I really don't know either I'm short I'm 5'1" and I love men who are over 6 ft tall I really and honestly don't know! Its definitely not a feeling of protection - could be because of high heels but I don't know tall guys just look so sexy!

  • I feel funny if I'm dating a guy shorter than me because I like to feel like the petite person I am, not a giant. I also don't date guys skinnier than me because I'll feel funny eating in front of him. I like being picked up and embraced and I think that would look funny with a shorter guy trying to do that to me. I'm 5'3 110 lbs and my bf is 6'4 and I love it because I can look up at him and kiss him and feel safe wrapped in his arms.

    • Ok so us then a shorter guy than you???? You must be talking about midgets which there are very extremely very few!! Get over yourself 5'9" 5'10" 5'11" men are way taller than you at 54 and with mens height at 59 510 511 you still have to get on your tipy toes to hug and kiss etc. So you ladies that are short and only want to date the men in the 6 +++ men is complete BS and SHALLOW TO THE F****** MAX!!

    • I bet he gets tired of bending over to kiss you shorty.

    • I'm sorry is 5'8 - 5'10 not good enough? Are you trying to get wet or married?

  • The Feeling Of Being Protected, And The Kissing!

  • I'm pretty short (5 ft 3) so almost all guys I know are taller than me. I look for and like different things in guys and I don't have a checklist like some girls do when they decide to date. The guy that I like right now is only a couple of inches taller than me and I like that. I don't like when a guy completely towers over me though because it makes me feel small/weak and I like for my guy to be within reach! The only reason girls are so into tall men is because it makes them feel safe and protected, it's also put into girl's minds to look for their prince charming (tall, handsome, brave). Ugh, it's so shallow when girls won't look at a guy for being a little on the short side.

    • Can we say, yeamen....?

    • Finally a female with some common since.

    • Not only do women pass short or average guys up but they might see him as another friend rather than a potential partner. It's shameful and pathetic but of course they find a way to make it a man's fault smh -_-

  • Well I love it when I date a tall guy because it makes me feel small feminine and protected but I'm 6'2 and I've dated plenty of short and tall guys it's just kind of romantic also when a guy is taller than you

  • I'm quite short (5ft 2) and the reason I prefer tall men is because I feel protected when I'm with them. Most of my guy friends are tall and whenever I'm with them I feel safer. (They also say that they feel more masculine when they're with me because I'm so little.)

    • Im only 16 and I'm 6 foot 6 lol.

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    • I'm a 5' 10" 225 Pound Male . Yes, I lift weights and no I'm not fat, I also do MMA and I don't understand why women only think a man 6' or over is the only ones that can protect them.

      Most men I know over 6' are scared of me so tell me again why you can only be well protected by someone over 6'.

      By the way your very short , and I dated a girl one time that was 4'11" which felt way to short for me so what makes you think these guys over 6' really don't feel that way about you.

    • you'd probably look like a freaking kid next to them!! And with makeup and tight dresses you'd look like a child prostitute smh -_- just admit that you watch p*rn lol

  • It's more that we grow up seeing the guy always be taller then the girl. Look at any love story or disney story, the guy is always taller then the girl. It's just the ways it's been. Only Tom Cruise has proved that to not be a problem

    • But in real life you don't have the Tom Cruise's or Robert Downey Jr's, you just have people who may not have the best confidence, style, or finance.

  • i'm 5' 91/2" and I yes, I definitely prefer taller men lol. but not only is it a feeling of protection and the fact that I can wear heels, its also that I feel... almost dominant... when I'm taller than people, especially guys. I don't want to feel like the dominant one in my relationship. its kind of an insecurity thing.

    • Well you're considered tall for a woman so it's completely understandable.

  • Okay, I'm actually pretty short 5'2 and I love tall guys. 6ft tall guys just make me feel protected and I don't have to think about what shoes I wear. (I love high heels and dresses, so my man has to be taller than me.) another things is also than I want my son (yes I will have a son, I won't stop until u get one) to be tall.. And since I'm very short I hope that he gets it from his father. Another things is also that I love very mainly men and for some reason big = mainly.. Although I must admit that if I had to choose between a guy who looks mainly but doesn't act mainly and a guy who acts mainly but is short. I would choose the short guy.

    • LOL you're the spitting image of a typical, shallow American woman!! and you want to act surprised if these 'giant' men end up being women beaters and cheaters LOL you don't want Love... you want Lust!!

    • So my question to you is what if your son ends up having a short or average height? You gonna disown him?

  • I'm not sure why exactly that is, but for me at least, I find them sexy and attractive. But I am tall myself. So I can not speak for short women. It's a visual impulse probably for all of us. It's "beautiful".

    • Ah got ya. So it's probably one of those sex drive characteristics that you can't really put a finger on. I can understand that. Its like a womens hips and neck line. No idea why, but I know I like it when I see it. Haha Thanks for the response!

    • Pretty much, yes. It's an attraction yes.

  • It's definitely both...

    I'm 5'8" and a half, and I LOVE wearing heels...so it's just weird when I'm walking around with a guy that looks like he could pass for my son (if I had a son)

    And when a girl is sad or angry or whatever, having a guy to rest his head on or next to yours while he's holding you is probably THE most comforting thing in the world...it makes you feel like he's there for you and that he'll protect you from anything :)

  • For me it's the whole feeling of protection and also I love standing on my tippy toes to reach for a kiss, hug or what have you.

  • I'm talll so a tall men is a requirement! Lol 6' 2" or taller

  • Tall men doesn't drive me crazy at least, neither does short ones. I'm 5. 6.

  • its basically just naturally, with no exact reason. like women mostly like buff guys; I don't mean huge muscles, which can be a turnoff, but just in shape, its the same with height.

    of course some women like EXTREMELY tall guys, even though theyre 5'2" because they seem more masculine with that height, while some otheres may perfer just 3" taller guys in order for us to be aable to wear heels.

    overall, height isn't the most important factor, even in the physical part

  • I'm just barely 5' 3", and I've always had a thing for tall guys. I don't know. I think its just more comfy when they put their arm around you, and it makes you feel little and petite, plus getting on your tippy toes to kiss romantic. I think its also protection, when they're just bigger than you, you feel safer to at least some degree.

    • But you're already little and petite lol >.< My guess is you want a fatherly figure... literally

  • Its cause girls wanna stand on there tippy toes when kissing him its kinda like ment to be

    its what makes the realationship cute haha but that's how its suppose to be:)

    • Aww for the love of Pete's sake NO that's NOT how it's supposed to be!! You may want to try and believe that that's how it's supposed to be but it's not!! Get over your self absorbed SHALLOW self!!! Men all know that most women want the 6' ++ tall jackass but that's simply not reality!! 5'9" to 5'11" men are just as good as 6' tall men if actually not better. Plus the 5'0" to 5'4" women have to stand on their toes anyways for a man that is 5'9", 5'10" 5'11" men!! So get over yourself!!!

  • its a feeling of security well at least for me it is and it has nothing to do with being able to wear heels

  • I date tall guys and am attracted to taller guys because I am so tall myself. I am a 5'9" and its tough for me to find someone who is taller than me. a taller guy makes me feel smaller, likei can fit into his arms and it comforts me. it makes me feel secure and "small" :)

  • what? I don't like the whole tall thing at least I don't hink it's better than short, I feel intimidated by super tall guys actually. I'm 5 '3 I would prefer bout 5'5 but exactly my height would be okay too. I usually look at a guys face first to see if he's cute so I like eye level. :) So ur standing on a table is that supposed to be an illusion?

  • Its sexy and then I can wear heels =)

    • Aww for the love of Pete's sake NO that's NOT how it's supposed to be!! You may want to try and believe that that's how it's supposed to be but it's not!! Get over your self absorbed SHALLOW self!!! Men all know that most women want the 6' ++ tall jackass but that's simply not reality!! 5'9" to 5'11" men are just as good as 6' tall men if actually not better. Plus the 5'0" to 5'4" women have to stand on their toes anyways for a man that is 5'9", 5'10" 5'11" men!! So get over yourself!!!

  • As a tall, strong, tomboyish girl, I'm almost always viewed as intimidating and I make it quite clear that I can protect myself. However, when I fit under a guys chin it makes me feel like there's someone to protect me and it brings out the more feminine side of me.

  • i love the man to be taller than me its sexy.

  • Shorter men look like babies, immature...

    Not pin pointing but just telling how I see them as.

    • What an insult BITCH!! No wonder you don't get any dates!! Tall women look gangly and ugly as hell!! Aww for the love of Pete's sake that's BS shorter men look like babies and immature!! We all know you want the 6' ++ tall f***nut/jackass but that's simply not reality!! 5'9" to 5'11" men are just as good as 6' tall men if actually not better. Plus the 5'0" to 5'4" women have to stand on their toes anyways for a man that is 5'9", 5'10" 5'11" men!! So get over yourself!!! 6' +men are wifebeaters!

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    • I'm 6 foot and I'm not gangly or ugly moemoe you d***.

    • Moemoe sounds real insecure about his height.

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  • I think it's more prominent these days because women have more options, or at least feel like they do.

    50's - you had the "Mrs" degree kind of thinking. So you find someone in high school or a few years later.

    I go through these ads and I see all these women (average women, by the way) who are demanding 6'0 and above) - Honey, you're 5'3 What are you being so picky about?

    But, you sometimes get what you demand in a negative way too. I know of all kinds of women who are dating a guy because he's wealthy. Then they get married, and complain (or cheat) because they guy is never around. When they were dating though, they saw him as "ambitious and committed to being a good provider. " Now he's "emotionally distant and won't give me what I need. "

    I know a woman who's dating a druggie and cheater because he makes over 150,000 a year and he's good looking (although it's "not about the looks or money. " Riiiiiiiiiight. You keep telling yourself that). Boy, she's going to be surprised when she finds out how much of a problem he is when things get tough and he cheats or goes back to drugs. But, that's what she's asking for. The drug use (he's not doing it right now) doesn't matter to her, and the cheating doesn't matter. For now. But the money does. But maybe, if she ever chooses to grow up a little, maybe the cash won't be quite so important as how he's treating her or if he's there for her.

    There are more options today for a woman. So she can be as picky as she wants, and she'll usually get what she wants; but she'll also get some things that she won't want in there because she's looking at the surface stuff.

  • Being a short man is hell. Just a living hell. I stopped counting the amount of rejections by women because of my lack of height when I reached 4,000 back 10 years ago. Yes, I counted. many of those women rejected me quite rudely at that. Wish I could tell women no because their boobs are not to my liking just so they know how it feels. Reality being what it is.

    But I have noticed that this trend of tall-men-only-apply attitude is mostly an american theme. Asian women don't seem to mind this as much.

    This is why I will not have kids and went thru the surgery to make sure it does not happen. My sons will be just as short as I and I will not bring more souls into this world to suffer as I have. Forget it. Can't make women understand that is it equally wrong to measure the quality of a man based on his height as it is to measure the quality of a woman based on her bra size.

    • Its true I think. Its really an American thing. I'm 5'9" and thin and European girls can't seem to get enough haha. My last girlfriend was French and had zero interest in tall men. She was actually exactly the same height. I think it has some thing to do with our culture. Now that I think about it the French exchange students didn't seem to be as picky as Americans generally are (myself included). Let all go to Europe! Lol

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    • I know being short can be a problem. But not having kids because of this reason is gross I feel.

    • Also getting girls is a matter of brain rather than the height. I have seen tall and hefty men act p**** and get no girls.

  • Sense of security.

  • I've always thought women liked tall men because of protection. Me being 6'0 myself I have had the personal experience to know this, they just love the way it feels I guess. LADIES I'm single

  • It a sense of security thing, only answer. Women like to feel secure and protected so they like taller guys. Not that a tall guy is more capable of that but I guess visually it feels that way. I'm not really tall average, 5'10", but I actually like my height, and can use my speed and agility to my advantage! Hahaha :D

  • I am 6"3 and height has never been an issue for me. I don't even feel tall, or want to be tall. I never even think about it.

    Until a short person makes a big deal of it, which they usually do! "What was in the water where you grew up?" I know it's easy to say it's not a big deal when you are tall. That's like saying having money doesn't make you happy.. easy to say when you have it!

    I guess it's about security, like others said. Security for women, and insecurity for men (if they aren' tall).

    To me the strangest thing, is seeing a really tall woman with a really short man, or vice versa. But everyone deserves love, even the really tall and short people lol.

  • Women's desire for tall men is a fixture of North American culture. Women in other parts of the world aren't as fussy and picky about a man's height but they still prefer taller men. What does this mean for short guys like me? It means staying in shape, eating right, wearing proper fitting clothes and paying attention to grooming. They all say confidence matters in a man but it makes no difference if the presentation is poor.

  • at the end it really doesn't matter at all!

    being taller at times means high status or what not.. but can make up for it in sooooo many ways! check this out: david deangelo

  • It's a biological, self-esteem, social status and peer pressure issue

  • Dude, what the hell are you talking about, protection? No man can protect a women if somebody wanted to kill them...what world are you living in? A man is a man reguardless of height.

    We all have the same weakness, we all bleed and we all die. You can be twenty fee tall, but you'll still die if you get hit with a bullet between the eyes.

    American women have become messed up in the head now because of all the different forms of media here in the US painting that image that a man's height makes him superior.

    Mankind wants to play God with everything and as a result, the US has so many issues that relate to this BS in the article. Single parent mothers, bad divorce rate, home wreckers, one man with 200 women or more...you name it.

    Westernized women are the worst women in the world because of the US's brainwash and BS when it comes to skeletal size. That brainwash is pumped out every day by all the different forms of media here in the US. Now a lot of US men are looking outside the country for none American women and the small number of Men the US wants to worship for no reason other than their skeletal size are steady "dogging" out the women here in the US.

    There's no excuse for one man to make 50 kids with over twenty women when there are so many single people here in the US. Americas brainwash has US citizens looking hard at the outer of an individual instead of seeing what's in the heart. A woman can meet Mr. Perfect, but America tells her to toss him away if she can't wear her heels with him.

    That's why Mankind will ultimately be the catalyst for the destruction of Mankind. This whole height issue is not even an issue, it's a way for someone to say...I'm better than you. The truth, we are all flesh and bone and we all have the same weakness, regardless of your skeletal size. There is no superman nor is there a super woman for that matter.

  • You make a point, GoodmanDave. I have my own perspective due to my experience, though. I am a 5'7 white man in his early 20's definately not tall by L.A's standards (where I live). I've heard arrogant, naive, superficial women demand a tall, handsome, rich, good looking etc man, and I've seen many men who are short believe that they are unattractive due to it (which lowers their confidence, and makes their rejection come true.

    I, have been told been told by many that I am very charismatic, good looking, and funny. I somehow attract women of every race, from ugly bettys to drop dead georgeous models. From 18 y o hotties, to 40 year old moms. Like I said, I'm 5'7, of medium build, and a college student who lives in a mobile home in a rough, outskirt neighborhood, with many Hell's Angels and ex convicts for neighbors.

    Hmmm, it seems that the notion that 1 must be tall and rich to be a chick magnet is BULLSHIT. The truth is, many women ARE extremely shallow, ignorant, insecure, immature, and foolish. This is why you often see girls who date total pieces of shit, and get used, abused, cheated on, or worse, and often continue to date him, or men like him. They judge men based on superficial qualities which do not involve good character, and end up with some1 who is superficially appealing, and has awful charater (HA!). Just what a immature, rude, superficial girl deserves I say.

    MEN- short, fat, tall, crazy, whatever: To attract a good woman, just don't give a crap about what these baffoons of girls have to say, like "umm, a tall man makes me feel, um protected. I wanna wear me some heels. I need my man to be, uhh, tall, derr. Oh that guy is rich and sexy, that's all I want. huh huh". If you respect yourself, you shouldnt give such an ignorant, pathetic girl the time of day. But either way, if you just be yourself (and develop a wit, get good at reading people, and up your interpersonal skills), you can attract any chick you want.

    Remember, I'm short, broke, and crazy lol, but women are often in awe upon meeting me.

    I'm sure many of them are like the losers who posted on here, and often judge a man by his height. I look into their eyes, play with their souls, and let my charisma and charm encapsulate them. Believe me it works. HAHAHA And to you shallow, immature women who demand superficial traits, have fun overlooking men that would have made your life wonderful, and making kids with an immoral piece of shit. HAHAHAHAHA! See you in my bed in the future, or maybe your mother.

  • I am a shorter man who is in great shape, educated, and well traveled. I think women look to men to compensate for their insecurities, including height. It is worse for short women, who will not even look at a guy unless he is a foot taller.

    Also women can be very shallow to place more importance on wearing their heels, than finding a good partner. That is why there are so many divorces and so many women in their late 30's that are single. In the big picture, women will spend a very small part of their lives wearing heels, especially after starting a family.

    Women should take a hard look at themselves, and expect from others, what they have to offer, including height, attraction, education, etc. Unfortunately, women always want more than they have to offer.

    If you compare a short man vs a short women, with the same education, income, and fitness level, a short woman has many more choices. She could select an individual of any height. Conversely, a short man can only pick short women, who will rarely be interested. It seems women are more interested in impressing their girl friends with their tall mates, rather than finding a good person.

    Finally, this protection issue is nonsense. If someone pulls a gun on a guy, it doesn't matter if he is tall or short, the outcome will be the same.

    I honestly am not a women hater, but want all those short women out there to here the truth.

    • Well, all I want to point out is, I'm 5'3 and if I had any insecurity about my height I would date someone shorter, not a 6ft 4inches tall guy, who only emphasizes the difference and makes me look even shorter!! And believe it or not, when we fall for a much taller guy, we actually think before we go (for that reason) until we figure...OK...he doen't seem to mind one bit, so why should I? It is just as shallow to blow off a guy because he is very tall and you think he'll just make you look bad.

  • Lots of reasons, to feel smaller, wear heels etc are just small ones. The big reason is COMPETITION. It's a mistake to think that only men have a competitive drive, guys, women are just as competitive if not more. The main area to express this in a feminine, socially acceptable way is through getting a tall boyfriend/husband. You might even call them a trophy hubby.

    I've seen this occur and it's usually amusing, for example my neighbour is a 30-something (being charitable, I think maybe just on 40) career woman, works as an area sales manager or similar for a jean retailer. Quite aggressive and a go-getter type-a personality. Being honest her looks are fairly plain... but her live in partner is a 20-something Turkish guy. He is the stereotypical "tall dark and handsome", metrosexual, eternal student, zero balls, zero independence. So basically a toyboy. However he is over 6' and gym body.

    I don't need to say anything except that if it was a 40 year old male sales exec living with his 25 year old knockout busty blond girlfriend who was studying English lit or similar, you could draw your own conclusions from that.

    The guy would be considered shallow for needing to display his "success" in such a stereotypical manner. That's an extreme case but a big part of the reason, so guys don't worry too much, if she is really judging you solely on height you're not missing out (unless living with a shrill and materialistic partner is something you deeply desire!).

    Another area where things like height get more emphasis is when there is a lot of choice, then women often use default/stereotypical indicators to choose.

    Also women from poorer countries/socio-economic levels tend to choose larger men to actually protect them, in wealthier societies/further removed from the breadline choice can be made on other indicators of ability to provide (wealth/background/intelligence etc).

    Last but not least don't despair, my best friend from high school was the result of his father (4ft10in or something, had polio as a child) meeting his mother (5ft9in?). Now 20 years plus I believe - however his Dad is a charming white collar professional and pretty astute with money. So don't try to compete on height but find an area where you can excel and you should find a girl to match - because one thing women always find extremely attractive regardless of height or anything else is a man who is confident in themselves and what they can do well.

  • I don't get this "feeling safe, protected" in presence of a tall man thing. For the following reasons:

    1. Protection from who? I thought we live in a civil society where there are laws to protect us and law enforcement to serve us.

    2. Is there any scientific study done that indicates that short men are more prone to be victims of violence such as muggings, assault and such?

    3. In the society where women are demand equal rights as men and claiming to be idependent, strong and confident this particular need to feel secure, protected in the presence of a strong alpha male goes completely against the modern thinking.

  • so small women like tall men and tall women like tall men. Great… where does that leave us shorties?

  • i was told it was because with a taller man the child has more chance of being tall as well. im 5' 8" my fiancee is 5' 11" so it dont really matter for us.

  • I am 5.7 and my girlfriend 5.9 :) She says she don't like tall man's when I ask why? She says she meet few and dislike. And when she meet me, she first offered me relationship and says you are cute and smart I like you.
    I was honestly surprise with that, because 6 month before I had date with woman who is 5.4. And she says "you are good man but you too short for me. Wow she was up to my shoulder! Well, you never know what woman want so, my advise don't think about Jurassic era woman's, go ahead and date. I am pretty sure you will find a good girlfriend and good luck to those who hunting tall's will lost.

  • Do they? I hear this idea a lot, but being a tall guy of 6'3, I generally only notice taller girls around 5'7 or higher being interested in me, which I'm fine with since sex/making out/cuddling/spooning/holding hands/walking together is best when people "fit better together"

    I've actually had women freak out and tell me I'm too tall for them when they see me stand up for the first time. I've also noticed short girls getting incredible nervous around me, but in more of a "please don't eat my brains" kinda way then in a "wow, he's so hawt".

    The short girls that have been interested in me have all proven to me to have "problems upstairs".

    I tend to notice similar sized people with similar sized people for the most part - obviously there's exceptions - tall with short - fat with skinny - old with young

    • Lol your comment made me laugh "please don't eat my brain" haha...

      It's funny, because I think there isn't a "normal couple" size. I have a 5 ft friend dating a guy that is 6 ft something, it's an odd match, but they've been dating for years. They look cute together. I also have a friend who is dating a guy that is the same height as her and they look alike.... It really depends on the personality when you come down to it. (no pun intended)