How do I make peace with my ex?

(Guys only pls). How do I make peace with my ex?

Two months ago, my ex boyfriend (33 year old) and I(35 year old) broke up after 2 years relationship. He offered to be friend and wanted to have lunch together right after we both decided on the break-up. However, I said I can't see him anymore because I still loved him very much. Now we no longer interact with each other, except for taking turns to pay cell phone bills online ( we share a family plan). But I really want to make peace with him , because I still care for him. After 2 years of living together, the break-up was like cutting a body part off.

I know very clearly that we were not made for each other and it will never change. Now I am afraid of facing the possible indifference and rejection if I initiate the communication again. Can you please give me some suggestions?


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  • I would sit down and talk about all this with him and exactly how you feel, get it out in the open. Its a start.


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  • Ok you know what you should try and talk to him and tell him that you want to make peace with him and let him know you want to give him time to think about it and let him come to you when ever he's ready to talk about it.