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Why does my ex keep contacting me?

Hey guys, my ex and I broke up after two years of a lovely relationship about three months ago, because he has depression issues and he felt like he... Show More

What Guys Said 1

  • hes playing you - he doesn't know what he wants. if you just ignore him he will become confused and panic and confront what he really wants.

    then you have control of the situation and you can dictate what it is you want either friendship or to get back together

What Girls Said 1

  • Yeah, I think he's just trying to buy some time. He definately needs to be alone for a while though. When he sees that you've moved on, he might panic and ask you back. He's not being very considerate by hanging on to you like this. He's selfishly hanging on because it suits him. I'd break contact entirely. Tell him you haven't got the energy for this. If he genuinely wants to fix things, you'll get a call in a few weeks, but even then, he sounds like a whiny pain in the arse, and there are so many awesome, fun guys who would appreciate your level-headedness. You sound way too good for him, and I think he knows that you are too. If you do decide to go back down that road with him, absolutely INSIST that he gets counselling and proves himself worthy of you before you make it official. Big changes would need to happen here.

    I reckon you never completely move on until someone better comes along, so I'd just wait it out. Trust me, you don't need this emo.

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