I found condoms in a hidden desk drawer, is my man cheating?

First off, I do not typically snoop and I came across this spot on accident. So anyway, my boyfriend has a hiding place in his desk at our house that he didn't know I knew about. About two month ago, I found the drawer and in it were jeweler cards with ring numbers on it (engagement rings). Well,... Show More

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  • I was actually in the same predicament once, and I actually made the effort to the store to by condoms to masturbate with. I hid them from my girl because we don't use condoms and it would have been silly for me to keep them in our "sex draw" besides I wanted her really knowing I was masturbating.

    I would find more evidence before you claim he was cheating. And remember" A Jealous person is troublesome to others, but torture to them selves. that small bug that plagues your heart will soon turn in to an uncontrollable 3 headed monster over time.

    • I completely agree. I wouldn't throw away something this great over a "maybe" situation. Thanks!