What if your boyfriend says you remind him of his ex-girlfriend?

well my boyfriend says I act like his ex, but doesn't wanna break up with me, & than he'll say that I'm way better than his ex.. I'm so confused & he also only went for her, cause he couldn't have me, because I chose my ex over him... it's a long story

Also,he ended it with his ex girlfriend for me because my ex & I ended ours... Well we've liked each other for over 4 years but made it official 9 months ago.. so I don't want to end it, but I don't know what to do cause I'm really hurt by his comments..


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  • I think that he of course, is not over her. Although, it is really hard to get over someone, especially for guys (I have an article from PsychologyToday that discusses that, if you're interested). If we all waited to be completely over an ex before dating someone else, no one would date. He's bringing that up because his ex was part of his past and he remembers it. If he didn't mention it every once in a while, you'd be ignoring a part of his life.

    I suggest you just just be upfront about it with him-if you aren't, you're just delaying the problem until it gets worse. Say, "I know that your ex was important to you, and may still be, and I can respect that. But when you compare me to your ex, it kinda hurts. I know that you love me, its just that when you mention your ex I kinda feel like an outsider-you're with me know and I'd like for that to be the focus right now." He must love you more than his ex, especially since he left his ex specifically to be with you, so there is really no intended harm in what he says. Make sure he knows that you trust him (if you do trust him), and and that you love him (if you do love him), and hopefully he should understand.

    Good luck, and hope this helps

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      Hey, thanks a lot that helps so much!! yeah I always reassure him & I love him & that I trust him.. but the thing is, they only went out for like a month... (he never really liked a girl more than a month.. unless it came to me..) which is weird... but I will tell him that, I love him & don't wanna loose him.. you know? & I don't want it to have to get nasty or anything..

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      On that article, also take the time to read the comments (there's a link at the end of the article). They discuss it even further.