Cut all contact with she sad/hurting like I am? Why won't she contact me?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me. She said she still loved me but she needed time alone. She said she would miss me etc. She didn't want to be 'friends with benefits' just in case one of us got hurt 'if we went off with another person' . I deleted her from Facebook, and cut contact

I said we couldn't be friends. Then that night, I get a text message saying: 'I've thought about everything, you're right, we can't be friends, we can't be anything at all. It's sad but you're right'

I think she said 'you're right a few too many times there ha. I didn't reply, and I am emotionally in bits the past week. How can she just dump me and then cut contact with me? If she really loved me, wouldn't she STRIVE to be my friend? Is she hurting as much as I am? It has only been a week but why won't she call? Did she send me that message to call my bluff, or to pretend to agree with me? HELP...

Update: I added her on Facebook over Christmas, to extend the olive branch. And sent her a text. She replied to the text: 'thanks, and same to you'. She added me on Facebook, and then deleted me off of it a few hours later. I'm so confused..


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  • You don't understand; she still loves you and is hurting as much as you are but she's trying to ease the pain but cutting you out of her life. Trust me, that's the easiest way to go about getting over someone. You should do the same if you're trying to get over her too.