Is my ex talking to someone else?

OK so me and my ex-girlfriend broke up about 2 months ago after a one year long distance relationship because I had "jealousy and insecurity issues" I've tried to get back with her but she says I pushed her to the point where she doesn't want a relationship! not with me or anyone! after we broke... Show More

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  • Let me ask you this, you have suspicions that she is talking to someone else around where she you really want to be in a situation where you and her are maybe acting more then friends yet she could be seeing someone else who lives closer to her? I would just forget about her. Just like other people said, it seems like she is playing mind games and you don't deserve that. I could understand if she really wanted to be friends with you, but if that's the case then she needs to keep things at a friendship level and nothing more, and definitely not tell you that she loves you because that for one doesn't help anything. I would say move on and find someone worth your time, or maybe just be single for awhile, that always seems to help. Good luck.

    • I ask her all the time if she's talking to someone and I honestly believe her when she tells me no bcuz we have so much love and respect for each other but I keep messing up with her and I think she's had enough..thanks for the help tho

    • After me and my ex broke up I always told him that I wasn't talking to anyone else just because I didn't want to hurt him more. Now I don't have to lie, but I did before. But anyways, good luck.