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Is my ex talking to someone else?

OK so me and my ex-girlfriend broke up about 2 months ago after a one year long distance relationship because I had "jealousy and insecurity issues"... Show More

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  • Let me ask you this, you have suspicions that she is talking to someone else around where she lives...do you really want to be in a situation where you and her are maybe acting more then friends yet she could be seeing someone else who lives closer to her? I would just forget about her. Just like other people said, it seems like she is playing mind games and you don't deserve that. I could understand if she really wanted to be friends with you, but if that's the case then she needs to keep things at a friendship level and nothing more, and definitely not tell you that she loves you because that for one doesn't help anything. I would say move on and find someone worth your time, or maybe just be single for awhile, that always seems to help. Good luck.

    • I ask her all the time if she's talking to someone and I honestly believe her when she tells me no bcuz we have so much love and respect for each other but I keep messing up with her and I think she's had enough..thanks for the help tho

    • After me and my ex broke up I always told him that I wasn't talking to anyone else just because I didn't want to hurt him more. Now I don't have to lie, but I did before. But anyways, good luck.

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  • well dude you shud just forget her and move on. but even if she is "playing games" with you, you're not going out anymore so if she's talking to other guys or even sleeping with other people its really none of your business and she can do what she wants

  • i say pull the filp.. don't answer when she calls or txt and be short with her when you do talk.. show her that you don't care... it helped me once

    • Thanx man appreciate the feedback..i tried that and it p*sses her off haha for some reason she thinks that I always gotta reply to her quick and she doesnt

  • sounds like it. obviously, you had "jealousy and insecurity issues" because you knew she was capable of doing things behind your back. the very fact that she acts one way with you, then puts on a different front to the rest of the world (which is usually a negative attitude towards you) shows that she is indeed two faced and a liar.

    better bail out now.

  • Yo you don't need this man. Seems like she playin head games with you bro. Forget about LD. never chase after a bus, train, or a girl if one leaves another one comes after shortly.

    • I kno dude its just hard because I have so much love for this girl and I kno she still has love for me but thanks for the feedback man

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