Pregnant cheating girlfriend....what to do?

Me and my girlfriend been together for about 6 months now, we been talking for a year. She told while we was talking that she cheated once on her ex because of neglect, so when we got together I made sure I gave her my all and let her know how beautiful she is everyday. 5 months ago she told me she was pregnant...I was thinking I couldn't have pick the most perfect person to mother my child...3 weeks later she told me she cheated on with her old childhood crush and later that week a friend. Now 5 months later I'm finding it very hard to trust her. I love her to death but I told her I been in multiple cheating relationships and couldn't handle another one. Should I find a way to stay for my child?


Most Helpful Girl

  • First of all, I can recognize that you are a good guy, one who doesn't have fear to take responsibilities and that whatever happens you are going to give her your support, as a friend, as a boyfriend, as a husband, as a real man.

    But also you have to use your brains, how old are both of you?, do both of you work or at least does one of you have a job that is stable?, do both of you study?, what does she really want?, what do you really want(maybe you know it better than anyone in this world)?, does the new little life has your DNA and hers? In the last question, nowadays you have many options to prove it before the pregnancy ends.

    Did you ask her if she wants to have the baby?, if she said yes, then you have to tell her that then she has to know that she has to stop thinking about only herself and put as first priority the needs of the newborn life. Ask her if she feels prepare to take on the responsibility even alone.

    Remind her, without been impolite and aggressive, that you have responded to her and you haven't cheated on her since you met, so she has to do the same if she really loves you and if she wants to form with you a family. You did good to tell her that you love her and that you had many bad experiences in relationships by cheating, remind her that again.

    Whatever is the result of the relationship, the baby's sake differs from it. If the baby has the DNA of both of you, then support him/her and love him/her, try to be a good father. If the baby results to be not yours, then you have to totally distant yourself from both of them, your girlfriend and the baby (unless you want to be his/her father). Your aim will be stay for your child, and only for your child, your girlfriend can support herself because she is physically and mentally stable, isn't she(no mean offense, but she isn't handicapped, and/or doesn't have any terminal nor mental disease, does she?)?