How should I give my ex boyfriend his stuff back? (I want him back)

Keep in mind that I still miss him and want him back. We ended our relationship peacefully.

Should I deliver his stuff to him personally? Tell him that he can come get his stuff whenever? Let one of his friends take his stuff to him? Leave his stuff outside of his door/at his job?

  • Vote A Deliver his stuff personally.
  • Vote B Let him know that you have his stuff, and that he can come by whenever.
  • Vote C Let one of his friends take his stuff to him.
  • Vote D Leave his stuff at his door/workplace
  • Vote E Wait until he asks.
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  • If he's single, B is the clear winner. It puts you on your home turf. The trick is sounding disinterested enough to get him to wonder why, but not so disinterested that he doesn't think you have any interest at all.

    Sexy attire and action without being obvious and transparent is the key. For example, clothes where your breasts are pretty well highlighted (or better could just "fall out by accident", or he gets a quick, "accidental" flash) and other things along those lines will really help your case.

    All I can say is that this would work on me. I would already be a little curious why you had invited me over, but seeing parts of your body again that I might miss would help me make the decision that I might want to try again...

    I must warn you, though, I can't speak for your ex, as I don't know his sex drive or your level of activity in the relationship, but the best way to a man's heart is through his pants, and that hold true for a good majority of guys.

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      Great answer!!!! thank you so much! this is my 1st response, but your confidence tells me its right.

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      Okay, I saw him yesterday morning and went with plan B. It has been almost 2 days now, and he still hasn't come. He lives 5-10 minutes (walking) down the road...what does this mean?

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      Dont worry too much - it may not mean anything. It could even mean he's more nervous than you about the whole thing, and has to prepare himself for it