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How should I give my ex boyfriend his stuff back? (I want him back)

Keep in mind that I still miss him and want him back. We ended our relationship peacefully.

Should I deliver his stuff to him personally? Tell him that he can come get his stuff whenever? Let one of his friends take his stuff to him? Leave his stuff outside of his door/at his job?

  • Deliver his stuff personally.
    25% (38)23% (13)25% (51)Vote
  • Let him know that you have his stuff, and that he can come by whenever.
    37% (56)37% (21)37% (77)Vote
  • Let one of his friends take his stuff to him.
    9% (13)7% (4)8% (17)Vote
  • Leave his stuff at his door/workplace
    14% (21)7% (4)12% (25)Vote
  • Wait until he asks.
    15% (23)26% (15)18% (38)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • If he's single, B is the clear winner. It puts you on your home turf. The trick is sounding disinterested enough to get him to wonder why, but not so disinterested that he doesn't think you have any interest at all.

    Sexy attire and action without being obvious and transparent is the key. For example, clothes where your breasts are pretty well highlighted (or better could just "fall out by accident", or he gets a quick, "accidental" flash) and other things along those lines will really help your case.

    All I can say is that this would work on me. I would already be a little curious why you had invited me over, but seeing parts of your body again that I might miss would help me make the decision that I might want to try again...

    I must warn you, though, I can't speak for your ex, as I don't know his sex drive or your level of activity in the relationship, but the best way to a man's heart is through his pants, and that hold true for a good majority of guys.

    • Great answer!!!! thank you so much! this is my 1st response, but your confidence tells me its right.

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    • Okay, I saw him yesterday morning and went with plan B. It has been almost 2 days now, and he still hasn't come. He lives 5-10 minutes (walking) down the road...what does this mean?

    • Dont worry too much - it may not mean anything. It could even mean he's more nervous than you about the whole thing, and has to prepare himself for it

What Guys Said 5

  • It doesn't matter much, really, as long as your civil. Do what's convenient to you both.

  • If you want him back, then C and D are going in the wrong direction. C is leaving it up to some random third party, and if it were me, D would strongly imply that you actively want to avoid meeting and just want to get the stuff away from you ASAP.

    So A or B. With A you'll taking the initiative to give his stuff back/end things. B at least means he takes the action of coming back into your domain where presumably he has some fond memories. And judging by your pictures, involved6's advice actually seems pretty solid. If he can ignore that, then it's like, "Dude, are you stupid?" :)

  • I chose "B" even though I thought about "A"

    Either way you can tell him A or B and say something like if you really want to end this I can drop your belonging over & maybe have a chance to talk or B when/if he picks up his belongings say the same thing here is your belongings do you really want to end this.

    I hate the saying "the balls in his court" because that gives control to the other person. You ALWAYS ALWAYS want to be in control The ball to be in YOUR court. The basketball player at the free throw line (your in control why would you want the other team/person to be in control? The pitcher whom must strike out the last batter, the hockey player with the puck on his stick. I'm sure you get the idea.

    That's not to say compromise in life but in this situation if you really want him back or to give it another try KEEP THE BALL IN YOUR COURT.

  • You want him to come to you. Any rekindled relationship will be much healthier as a result. So B or E.


What Girls Said 10

  • i chose A

    option B has the most votes, but here's some reasons that one isn't the best choice -

    he may not find his belongings that important and not even come to get them

    he may put off coming to get them for months

    he might show up sometime while you're not home

    he might show up with a friend and just run in and leave

    if he shows up by himself and doesn't feel like talking he can just leave

    so the reason I chose option A is because you can talk to him, and he has to sit there and talk to you, he can't leave, unless he's a jerk and left anyways. he sees you in person, bringing back feelings. by bring him his things it's a nice gesture you're doing, he'll most likely notice.

  • If doing it it person would be too emotional then I would either mail/drop it off at his home or work.

  • I would maybe mention that you still have it, and see what he replies. :] Don't offer to give it back**

  • I think ask if he would like you to drop it off or if he would like to come and pick it up.

  • its really up to you.

    but I chose A.

    just make sure you do it with confidence

  • tell him you have his stuff and he can pick it up whenever.

  • if you want him back he should know that you're not that desperate..send it to his place " not to him directly " he'll have it back without sensing desperation..if he wants you back he'll let you cool \ fun & friendly around him!

  • I would just leave it as his door.

  • I thought guys separate sex & feelings {I do don't believe this but it is presented as a supposed credible argument to the point where every time I think of a guy I have this flash of words strung across the front of my mind.. "Why does she think there is something between us, we just had sex-- NO big deal.

    So, if guys separate love & sex & give love just to get sex, then why would sex be a "way to a mans heart"?

    It's more like the way to a a womans heart believing she has a way to your heart - which coincidentally gets guys sex.

    How can sex be sex for sex sake, & simultaneously be the path to the heart?

    Please explain.