Why do men cheat with ugly women?

This has happened a lot but the most shocking was my best friend who is gorgeous was cheated on. and the other girl was a dirty greasy haired overweight mess! my friend is a cute petite blond haired green eyed girl who wears little to no makeup and nice clothes. this other tramp clearly never showered, was rude and fat! and wore like 3 pounds worth of makeup! I just don't get it. this little angel got her heart broken, yet she's so naturally beautiful. and the other girl even said so! She did everything for that boy and he hurt her. he was the luckiest guy ever. Boys, help me out here! thanks in advance, =]


Most Helpful Guy

  • The truth is we all cheat boohoo! I know but its true Mentally and we all know its the thought that counts. Said the man who watched the woman who said she loves me and only me yell I love you and faint at a concert to a man who doesn't even know her name yeah makes you wonder she basically said she'll f*** a guy for a shallow reason he sings so much for spend the rest of my life or do we all think it and acting how you feel should be respected for truth... but he is only a man its in our nature to hunt and take what we want, as long as your understanding at times your man will never leave you.

    We are loyal creatures, ask the average mistress she will tell you after 20 wasted years of her life he is not leaving his wife for you. So the goal is to be the wife. Hate to tell you but guys love the chase so do women if its something you can get anytime you careless about it cause you can always get back to it, the trying to seduce them to get what you want, nakedness left to the imagination, this is what we want not the sex from the individual but the feeling of conquering that obstacle (women). Its not looks its simply numbers not 2 brag but I never was in a relation ship with a chick under a 9 friends ratings are all dimes, but I cheated with sub par plenty. we all say no we won't if our girl is fine enough but really if you let a relationship get regular you can treat a 10 like a 2-3 lol you lost the getting to know part, cause you know everything, you lost the how long its gonna take me to hit it cause you already hit it, so you need the chase.