My ex girlfriend broke up with me but she won't talk about it, why can't she?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me she had been acting funny for about a week she wouldn't let me kiss or touch her so I asked her one night in bed if she still had feelings for me she said I don't know can we talk about it tomorrow so I said I wanted to talk about it now cause I won't get to see her tomorrow again she said I don't know so I went home and I text her that morning to see what was going on and she said that her feelings for me had changed so I said why don't we have a break from each other and see how it goes and she said that her feelings won't change so I said how do you know she said I just know bearing this in mind this is all by text messages and I was feeling quite angry cause I wanted to talk to her in person but she said that there is nothing to say. Now I totally understand peoples feelings for each other change but why can' she talk to me about it why did it take me to ask her and why did it take me to text her for her to say she no longer wants to be with me. now not only do I not truly know why she left me, now I'm hurting so bad we were together for 10 months I felt so happy and now I'm so lost no woman has never made me feel this bad even ones that have cheated on me, all I want is for her to talk to me to help me understand

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  • An ex I was seeing for 2 years did the exact same thing to me and I feel for you bud it was torture. Not a pleasant experience at all.

    My ex phoned me up and just said its over as she has realised she is unhappy, the days before she was OK no sign or mention of anything, waking up in the same bed etc as you do. then the next day I get a 5 min phone call saying its over. Never seen her since and that was 5 months ago and it really is a head f&ck.

    I tried to say hey, anychance we can discuss this properly and close it out a copule of days later and she did the same thing...theres nothing to talk about. I can't be bothered speaking about this.

    Its the fact someone you thought you knew or had an ounce of care would treat you that wy, that's what got me the most. Just changed literally overnight, no reasoning, explanation, nothing.

    I don't know maybe some people deal with things in different ways. I couldn't work out for the life of me why you wouldn't just say, yeh sure lets have a quick chat and end things on a good note, its pathetic but that's all it would of taken.

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      Had the same thing happen to me, it shows that she is immature and can not handle discussing any matters that need to be sewn up. Do yourself a favor like I did, walk and never look back. I did and three months later she called and told me she wanted to talk… I thought it over and considered how she treated me like trash and I told her she had her three months of time to call or text so I gave her the same consideration.. Felt like a new man and found a sexier and more mature woman.

      Good Luck