What qualifies as cheating?

I'm just curious, what qualifies as cheating. One obvious thing is actual penetration during sex. Well kinda. Because I think some people (mostly guys) can remove the emotional aspect from sex and not think of it as cheating.

But what about a kissing/kissing? What about oral sex? What about deep conversations where you share thoughts and feelings with another person who you are not dating/married to?

  • Vote A Kissing
  • Vote B Oral Sex
  • Vote C Deep Conversations full of thoughts and feelings not shared with significant other?
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  • Yes, in a relationship you should not feel trapped. I don't feel trapped but I would do every so often if I did not have mini snogs every now and then--this means once every year or so. I have been with my bloke 5.5 years and been married one year, and I have kissed two other blokes in that time- one three times on 2 separate occasions and also kissed one girl. the other bloke I mini snogged about three months ago. yes I didn't even mini snog first 4 years. nothing else happened- did I want it to--physically yes- I was attracted to them- emotionally-no. for me this is not cheating- that's too strong a word-- would is say it's wrong-- in some ways yes in some ways no, it's not an ideal world, were not perfect people, things happen, attraction happens, I think though for any relationship to work, a marriage to last the test of time you need to allow for some mad moments- it doesn't mean to throw your dummy out and panic tell you boyfriend/ girlfriend etc, but I do think if your looking for other guys regularly, snogging them regularly or if going any further than mini snogs you should seriously question your relationship.

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      Sorry, but I believe that any guy would consider this cheating. I think that a lot of guys would break up with a girl over this.

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      Yeah, that is considered cheating. If this was given best answer because that is what the question asker did, then he chose it to feel better about his cheating. Relationships are about honesty, trust, and loyalty. You seem to have broken a few of those right there.