What signals after a break up?

After a break up what signals will a man give you if he really wants to see you again? A month ago he did not want to be friends or continue seeing me after I said F You to him. I use to nag him about forgiving me. I use to tell him how much I love him and constantly call and annoy him. I would... Show More

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  • Other answers are really good so I'll spin this a different angle...

    Is your change and reaction different because he's gone? I think a lot of people after a break up take a look at what's wrong with them and try to change it. No one likes rejection and deal with it differently. I have had a few exes do that when there have been problems. Months will pass and I'll talk to them about it but it's only after I've left that they actually tried to put a stop to it. You've mentioned that you would call and nag him, now that he's gone you don't but you saw it as a problem. He's probably looking at it the same way wondering if you've finally realized it and put a stop to it, the question then is whether it's long term or short.

    As for the book, if he wanted to cut ties he's mail it and not call you so that's something obviously.

    • Thanks for your answer I really appreciated your time. Since then things have changed tremendously not for the better but at least I still have a shot. Reply back thanks again!!!