What signals after a break up?

After a break up what signals will a man give you if he really wants to see you again?

A month ago he did not want to be friends or continue seeing me after I said F You to him. I use to nag him about forgiving me. I use to tell him how much I love him and constantly call and annoy him. I would annoy him because he would never give in. Sometimes he would get disrespectful because I wouldn’t stop calling and I would say something back disrespectful in defense.

After I stop calling for a 6 days and then I decided to call. We have been communicating short conversation. We don't talk about the incident at all. He always picks up the phone when I call plus he has been calling me also. I've changed tremendous. I would really like to start seeing him again but I'm afraid because I don't handle rejection very well. He has never really been the initiator too much in our relationship, it was always me. I'm saying this to say if I wait on him it could be a long time but I don’t want to initiate seeing him to soon.

He’s a Capricorn and he doesn’t never really reveal his emotions. Two times he mentioned me seeing him in directly. Once was I been asking about a book that he has and he said I have to come get from his house knowing he lives 2 hours away. Second time I told him I started to come with some friends to a game he was coaching. He said I could come but I didn’t. I know he really cared about me before the incident.


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  • Other answers are really good so I'll spin this a different angle...

    Is your change and reaction different because he's gone? I think a lot of people after a break up take a look at what's wrong with them and try to change it. No one likes rejection and deal with it differently. I have had a few exes do that when there have been problems. Months will pass and I'll talk to them about it but it's only after I've left that they actually tried to put a stop to it. You've mentioned that you would call and nag him, now that he's gone you don't but you saw it as a problem. He's probably looking at it the same way wondering if you've finally realized it and put a stop to it, the question then is whether it's long term or short.

    As for the book, if he wanted to cut ties he's mail it and not call you so that's something obviously.

    • Thanks for your answer I really appreciated your time. Since then things have changed tremendously not for the better but at least I still have a shot. Reply back thanks again!!!

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  • look, star signs are garbage...if he's pickin up ur calls everytym you call that means he's very comfortable with you, and your obviously someone very close to him...if he's never been the initator in your relationship then he probably never will be. if he's calling you then that means he wants you around. make your move and don't ever revert to the crazy attention seeking girl, because after readingyou story you reinded me str8 away of the needy gf/link, and he acted exactly how I did. ull notice the less clostraphobic you make him, the more he'll love you you...he'll probably end up suffocating you lol

    now go and get your man. x

  • If you really are 36 to 45, you shouldn't be playing these games. You shouldn't be trying to manipulate his emotions or decisions in order to get reads on him. You should be past the fact that some people will like you and some people won't. You might want him, but that doesn't mean you deserve to have him.

    There's nothing in your story saying anything about something you've done FOR him. All I see is you wanting him to be a certain way, him not doing what you hoped for, and you getting upset over it. Junk like that is for 16 year olds.

    Just ask him, don't try to figure out what he'll say before hand, and don't try to be prepared for the answer. Put your ego in check and realize that anybody who doesn't say anything but the best about you aren't bad people, but different people. And if you want something in your life to happen differently, you need to act and think differently, and you won't be able to do that by rejecting any thought or idea that isn't the same as the ones you've had before.

  • One of the signs he still loves you is his need to always be in contact with you. A break up typically signals an end to most of the communication between two people. If your boyfriend still calls, texts or emails you daily, he's having trouble letting go. When a man is ready to move on, you'll rarely hear from him again. If he's still calling to see how you are or what's going on in your life, he feels connected to you.

    If you've been asking yourself will my boyfriend come back to me you must consider his interest in your current social life. If he has no intention of trying to win you back he won't care at all whether you are dating anyone or not. If your ex asks you often what's going on with you and if you are seeing anyone, that's a sign that his interest is more than just him being friendly. He's trying to gauge whether or not he has any competition. If he asks, and you aren't seeing anyone, don't pretend otherwise. Some men have a hard time getting past the idea that their ex girlfriend has found a new love. Just downplay any dating you've been doing if you really do want him to come back. You want him to feel that there's nothing in his way.

    A guy who's hellbent on leaving you will keep on walking. He won't turn around a day or two later and call you up to see how you're doing. He won't email or text you, or drop by to say hi, or any of those things that "friends" do. And if your ex has offered to be friends after the break up? It's his way of keeping you within arm's reach in case he wants to reverse his decision and take you back. Breaking up cleanly and totally is a sign that things might be over... but whenever your ex is still talking to you after the break up? It's a good sign that he still has feelings for you.

    You'll know it when your ex is trying to keep tabs on you. The most innocent little questions such as "What did you do last weekend?" are all geared toward finding things out. Your ex boyfriend isn't done with dating you yet if he's still asking you these questions. He wants to know he can come back and pick up where things left off, but that just can't happen if you're dating another guy. The more innocent your activities, the longer he's going to feel comfortable prolonging the break up. Only when your ex feels threatened by the possibility of you moving on will he seriously start considering being with you again, and this is one of the biggest ways you can know if your ex boyfriend still wants you.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

    • Thanks for your time! He's not my man and we only been talking since Aug. He reside 2 hours away from me so therefore I was only seeing him maybe every 2 to 3 weeks. We've been spending a lot of time on the phone together. We both just got out of long term relationship within the last 2 years and we wasn't trying to rush into a relationship. I never had a long distance relationship.

  • I'll admit, when a woman says "f*** you" to a guy it's a really tough cookie to swallow...even more so than when a guy says it to a woman. I don't know why, it just is.

    But I think the best thing you can do is just write a letter to him telling him how you feel. I've never come across anyone who didn't respond to a letter. When you read a letter you remember it, whereas spoken words are forgotten. Just make sure the letter is in your handwriting so it's more personal that way.

  • sounds like you need to initiate it and just make sure you don't try to irritate him on purpose.

    • Thanks I did I still like him but he not worth me anyway. I gonna continue to talk to him I'm just gonna hold out on sex for a while. We he puts his guards down I will step away from him because I don't like no one that put me thru that much.

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  • wow I found this amazing to read the answers to. Some how it would have helped me way more to read this long ago. I guess it's very true, if a guy likes you, he'll keep in constant contact with you.

  • I just went through a break up with a capricorn man myself and let me tell you, we worked together and he has not show up to work or called into work for 2 days, called or text me either. The break up was not drama it was calm talking. He hurt me really bad though..the whole he is not as over his ex as he thought he was thing and can't do this with me now. I hurt alot. I was calm though no drama or yelling yet he has not contacted me or even shown up to work. I still have his house key he has still never got back from me. No calls, no texts, no im's and he has not shown up to worlk in 2 days and never called in either. So Capricorn me obviously don't do things normally or something. GOOD LUCK! I know I need it.

  • umm... Ok I read on one of your comments on an answer and you say you're gonna hold out on sex... well maybe the reason why he's still calling you and wants you to "go get the book" is because he still wants to hit it because your letting him... what you need to do is hold out on sex for good and see if he still wants to talk to you... If he wanted to be with you he would have told you by now, sounds to me like what he's trying to do is keep you around for sex or just in case it doesn't work out with someone else. Don't settle just for that, because chances are, you are right and he doesn't deserve you:)

  • bellybuttonlint :

    I have def. had a guy NOT respond to a letter, tho it was not about relationship problems .

    You just reminded me if my post that I just wrote.

    {Read it maybe you could give me a guys tendencies - ?}

    Also does F psycho count as F you { Side question - not about me lol }