Why does my girlfriend need space?

Hello, Me and my girlfriend have been dating for 8 months it will be nine tomorrow. Three days ago we got into a little fight over me wanting to see... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • She feels crowded, and your getting needy. You should have not cared that she was going to hang out with her friends, a man only needs to care when she says she wants to hang out with an ex boyfriend. Give her space, when you talk to her again its very simple what to say, say sorry that I overreacted the other night, I know you just wanted to go and hang out with your friends, in the future if you want to hang out with your friends I completely understand. The important thing here is DO NOT call her over and over and over, too late right you already did it, now your in trouble, ok just let her have her space if you keep bugging her she will run from you because you will be seen as needy. The best thing to do is when you see her again kiss her not some little peck on the cheek either, you gotta kiss her like you mean it , and then say I'm not mad at you, we can talk when your ready to. Then walk away not from the relationship but walk away from her at that moment. If she still likes you she will tell you to stay or if she's still pissed and still wants the relationship she will call you, who knows maybe even come over to your house.