Why do women go back to their ex?

I don't get it, lately it seems to me that no matter how bad a break up was or how much of a douche bag the ex is, women always go back to the ex sooner or later. Why?


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  • OMG! I'm talking to my ex now and he didn't care much about me and would flirt with some other girl when we were going out. That's the funny part I told myself that I would never date any of my exes again but it's hard keeping that promise.

    He would tell me how sorry he was and how he wouldn't make the same mistake. And he would keep calling me pet names.

    I think we do this because it's so much easier to just go back out with someone you have already dated. It's better than having to start all over again with a new guy. Well, that's my opinion anyway.


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  • Generalizing is bad. I had a boyfriend for 4 years, loved him madly, moved in with him, was even considering marrying him when he proposed. But when I discovered he was keeping things from me, and things he knew I was 100% against, I left him and did not look back no matter how much I wanted to for a while.

    I have a good appreciation for myself and what I want from life and despite loving him madly I knew that if I were to be in a relationship would be with someone that inspired me to be better, not with someone who only drags me down!

    So no, not all women go back to their ex. Some of us know better than to better bridges we are meant to burn.

  • To be honest I don't really know why but it just happens that has happened to me once but it just depends on what the guy did or if the girl really did like him. Woman have their own kind of way of seeing if that guy is really being honest about going back out.


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  • Its familiar, easy, and there is no risk involved since you know what to expect. No more, no less.

    • I was seeing this girl, and her ex was doing drugs and never really cared for her. We never actually did anything like sex but we were really close. Then her asshole of an ex says he wants to try again and then she goes running back to him. I'm way over it now as it happened 3 years ago, but it weren't nice.

      Most of them go back to them because they're scared of new relationships. At least with old ones, there's much more comfort

  • They don't always get back together, but I've noticed a trend that sometimes they do

    id say its because they are insecure with themselves, and believe their ex has really changed or that they have changed

    they are also familiar with their ex, so getting with them is easier than getting with someone else


    they might be too scared, hurt, or even lazy to find someone else,

    or can't find someone else.

  • Not true. You're getting a very biased view of girls who go back to exes from sites such as this. If you will notice, the majority of those questions from girls who want their exes back are from the less than or just over the 18 year old range.

    Sure, you will always get a woman who likes to be hammered on and treated like crap to go back to a bad relationship. But this is not the majority.

  • Not all girls go back to their ex, the ones do usually because they still have feelings for them. Just like guys who go back to their ex.