Why do women go back to their ex?

I don't get it, lately it seems to me that no matter how bad a break up was or how much of a douche bag the ex is, women always go back to the ex sooner or later. Why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • OMG! I'm talking to my ex now and he didn't care much about me and would flirt with some other girl when we were going out. That's the funny part I told myself that I would never date any of my exes again but it's hard keeping that promise.

    He would tell me how sorry he was and how he wouldn't make the same mistake. And he would keep calling me pet names.

    I think we do this because it's so much easier to just go back out with someone you have already dated. It's better than having to start all over again with a new guy. Well, that's my opinion anyway.