Ex girlfriend won't come and get the rest of her belongings from my home?

I broke up with my ex girlfriend after Christmas. tried to be peaceful. She moved and changed her address and my sister has new phone number and address(I don't have her new phone number or new address). She left a washer and dryer, BBQ grill, steam vacuum cleaner. She has yet to ask for? I know she know its there. We haven't called or spoke or seen each other in 6 weeks. She also told my sister she didn't really want to break up but agreed with everything and said fine OK. Why won't she come get her stuff or should I initiate contact and ask her to get the rest of her belongings? She has money...I'm not sure if she really want it or not...At least I would like to know... Is this mean...?

She still hasn't came and got the last of her things. ...? From a woman's view can someone help explain why? We cut off all contact no talking, texting or anything. Only email and that was to come get her stuff. This NC went on for 8 weeks.
Still going on.. I have no desire to contact her. I just want to move on and get the rest of her things...
Still hasn't came to pick up things or even called...Its been over a month since she said she would arrange a time to let me know when she would pick up...WTF... Why won't she pick up her stuff...?


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  • If you don't want to play into her leaving that stuff so that YOU will initiate contact, see if your sister would be willing to email her and ask her what she wants done with it - and don't feel guilty about being indirect... she is doing the same and you don't even have her new contact info. If your sister doesn't want to get in the middle of it (understandably), do you have her email address? Where does mail that used to go to your house for her now get sent?

    Find a way to ask what she wans done with it, give her xx days to respond and then sell it/give it away to those in need if she doesn't give a fitting response or pick the stuff up. If you sell it, spend the money on doing something nice for a new girl.

    Even if you need some of the things (ie the grill) get rid of it and buy your own.It's usually not helpful to keep those kinds of reminders around from exes.

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      Well, I sent her an email, she said she has to find someone who has a truck...? She could rent one like she did before...Thats her decision..She also said she will let me know next week when she will come by pick up the rest of her belongings... She hasn't set a day or time yet but its a start. I'm ready for closure and to move on.

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      I read your updates & responses to other comments. You did your due diligence with the email. You're not obliged to answer calls from blocked numbers. If she did not respond to the email or leave a message on your VM from that blocked number stating an actual date that she actually shows up for, you can move on, get rid of her stuff and be done with it.

      I know you don't want feel like a jerk and throw her stuff out, but it'll drag out until you do. She knows getting her stuff is ending it.