She left me for another guy, now wants to come back?

My girlfriend of 3 years said she felt we are growing apart and wanted to break up I went to my moms for the weekend a few hours away and when I came back she had been talking to a guy she had a crush on in high school. She took all her stuff and went with him. Now she says he used her. They had sex and he stopped talking to her the next day. This is all within the last 2 weeks. Now she says she made a mistake and wants to come back. If I do will she do this again? This is very out of character for her. She is very modest and not very sexual. She realizes that I'm the only one for her and please forgive her. What should I do. Do you think this will happen again?


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  • It was crappy of her to do that - she really screwed up big time and she knows it, but if you take her back right now, she will not value you or realize how serious that was or how serious your feelings are, and I think it increases the likelihood she will think you'd forgive it again.

    I know you can't just suddenly not love her. and you are hurt and weren't ready for things to end, and certainly not with her dumping you for some guy who used her. But that's a deal-breaker!

    Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance, but some people will make the same mistakes again and again until they lose something so important it finally sinks in for them. I don't know which one she is. She is young, and that's why she made such a foolish decision, but she needs to grow up if she wants a real relationship.

    Give yourself some time to think things through before you make a decision. Do you think it was just a 1-time foolish mistake but ultimately she loves you? Do you feel like you can trust her if you go back to her? Are you angry or just sad or both? Do you want some time to get out there and see what other women have to offer? Do you just need a break from women or relationships? What YOU feel and want is important and you didn't address that much in your question. I wonder if you've even considered it.


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  • Ditch the B*tch for now. Do you really want her to break your heart again? I suggest you give it a couple months apart and if she still feels the same without the cheating part then think really, really hard about trusting her again.


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  • Think about it this way..

    If this guy had not used her and they got together do you think she would have come back to you?

  • if she really loved you, she wouldn't leave you for him , I say give it some time

  • I think she will do it again... I'm not trying to hurt you, be she obviously doesn't think much of you, if she threw away your 3 years together for a high school crush...

  • hell no don't go back with her she's just saying she made a mistake because she got used if I was you I would tell her to f*** off

  • She destroyed a 3-year relationship for a crush and after the crush ditched her she wants you back? Dude, just cut her off. Don't even talk to her, she's not worth it. Go completely cold against her, people like that frickin deserves it.