Guys, Shall I do it?

I was in a relationship with this guy in summer , it was the best thing we ever had, we're both all about that gym and lifting life , we get along so much , we agree almost on everything , so at the end he broke up with me (he said he doesn't want anything serious atm) though I've never mentioned or acted like it's about commitment , I'm not that kind of crazy jealous girlfriend , and he's sweet ,, we're lime a strong and powerful couple together , I know it was short , but can't be any better, actually the day he broke up with me his eyes teared when he saw me crying, he's the sweetest man ever, so now it's been 5 months , we met twice, for a pizza and gym, and I really wanna get him back , now we're always talking and texting, I wanna meet him at the park and go for a walk with him just like we used to do , so shall I do it , lime just go to the park and ask him to join me?


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  • Yes, you should do it, you should ask him to join you.

    • The last time we met (the pizza time ) there was a lot of eye contact , it was amazing ,, he told me that he can see what my eyes are telling and that he misses staring into my beautiful eyes ,, and he told me that he regrets his two rebound relationships and he kept bragging how horrible those girls were

    • Ok, so that's a good sign I would say

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.