What lengths would you or have you done to avoid a cheating ex?

Say you wanna go to a pub/bar/nightclub/workplace anywhere where there's a chance you'd bump into your ex. Would you avoid these places or carry on going as normal?

Id prefer to avoid those places for that reason, but why should I/we inconvenience ourselves just to avoid an ex?


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  • I'd go and just ignore him.

    • would it not hurt, bring back memories after all the hard work you've done to move on? Would it not still hurt a bit seeing em with new people?

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    • No, how come you thought that lol? Do you want to know who I am?

    • Would you be kind enough to message me? I wanna query something in one of your replies. Thank you


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  • If seeing her hurts you, I would avoid social places where she might be. Find a new place to chill out, meet new people, make new memories.


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  • If there aren't residual feelings involved and she's civil towards me, I wouldn't be opposed to going.

  • Still go and hope to avoid them

    • Unfortunately I still have to see her sometimes because I had kids with her and she is the one that cheated on me so it does get uncomfortable

    • Yeah that must be hard when its unavoidable. I feel for you

    • Yeah it's really awkward seeing her with the other guy