What did he mean? I'm at a loss here, can anyone help me out?

I'm going to try to stick to being as brief as possible. I met at guy at my job, he was too shy to ask me out, six months later we finally went out, things were great for 3 weeks until we hit a Rock in the road after I went out of town for a week in a half. He suddenly became very distant and starting flaking on dates, bare in mind this guy was very inexperienced with dating, he hadn't had a girlfriend for years. The day he said he was down to hanging out he sent a long message basically saying he wasn't ready for a relationship, and that he wasn't capable of a meaningful relationship and that he was had gotten used to being alone. And that it has nothing to do with me. After that I was kind of hurt and said that I Won't be hanging out with him that day or any day, he never responded after that. We haven't spoken since. Now I'm just confused by what he was trying to tell me so I just need any one who knows anything can help me out. I've never been told this. Thank for all the help :)


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  • Men are usually pretty upfront about where you stand with them. He has been very honest and he means exactly what he said. He doesn't want what you want. Next! Let the adventure continue without him.


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  • He means what he says, he has made his decision and you should be happy that he told you the truth and you should respect his decision


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