Ex text me saying she was "lost and feel dead" ?

Me n my ex of 3 years broke up a month ago, couple of days after she's already in a relationship. I've been NC since the break up.

Last night she called my phone once then hung up, get this 5 minutes later she sent me this 3 page text message about "how she is more happy without me". I simply told her "I'm happy that you're happy tbh, but I have to go". Then she sends me a random as question like can ask you a question, I said yes she goes "how was your trip to FL" I answered short and simple, then she proceeds with "that wasn't my question though" -___- I said okay just ask then she goes "I just feel lost and dead Lately I just don't know who I am anymore".

in my mind I'm thinking "you just said you was happy". I know females never know what they want.

What gives? Cause I know she's with the other guy but why is she texting and confessing this


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  • You see the grass is not always greener. Broke up, 2 days later she's in a "relationship" with a new guy = this girl has to have somebody there to take care of her and her emotions because she's not strong enough to do it by herself.

    Cut your losses and leave her to it (which I know probably can't be easy) because she is checking to see if you feel as bad as her. She's probably had a row or been dumped by her current beau and is contacting you to see where you two stand.

    I would swerve this one.


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  • I see she tried to turn the emotions on you


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  • Kind of confusing maybe that wasn't the response she planned on you having. So she tried to turn emotions

  • she's looking for attention, you should ignore her , dont get drawn into the drama


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