Guys, What if I ask my ex if he has any friends that I would like, how would he react?

I think my ex still likes me but isn't doing anything about it so I wonder if I ask him if he has any friends for more what he's reaction would be?

Help need opinions!!!


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  • Depends how you ended off, if it's a good friend I don't think he would set you up with them

    • We'll I think he still likes me.
      Would he get jelious and say something along this lines

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    • Probably no, he may not like the thought of you with one of his friends

    • We'll he wouldn't say something along the lines of "you can't because I like you"


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  • That is like kicking a horse when it is down. That is tasteless and mean to ask him something like that. Another reason why remaining in contact with an ex is a mistake.

    • No he still likes me I think. And if you're talking about him why would he be down. He's the one acting like he likes me like when we're together, me thinking we're closer to getting back together and then shows me oh he probably doesn't like me that much at all

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    • He sounds very confused with what he wants. Certainly not ready for a relationship.

    • Really? He used to know then. I don't know what happened

  • Expect the same reaction, as if he was the one that asked you the question.

    • He wouldn't say something along the lines of "You can't because I like you"?