How do I deal with my now ex saying he's not happy?

My now ex of 8 months very suddenly broke up with me yesterday (totally out of the blue, for whatever reason he'd been telling me that he was happy and how much he loved me) he claims we're too different and that we wouldn't mix well for long term and that he wasn't happy with us. He says it's not personal and that I'm a great person and I'll make someone really happy but it's not him. How do I not take that he's unhappy personally? How is that an offensive thing? How do I cope and move on?

I meant how is that not an offensive thing? I'm really struggling with that he'll find a girl that will make him happy like I should've been able to


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  • Half the planet are men. Most relationships aren't successful, if they were we'd all be married to the first we ever dated


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  • The whole point of a relationship is to see if you are meant for someone. The only two outcomes are that it works or that it doesn't. Sometimes there will be signs sometimes there aren't. Just realize it's normal for relationships to end and that it doesn't take away anything from you as a person. This just means there is someone better for you out there and the universe knows this. I'm sure there were many happy moments for him in the relationship. I think he just meant that overall he didn't feel that connection anymore. Time will help to healheal your wounds. Just take it oneone day at a timetime and stop all contact with him.

    • He said he needed to be in a better mindset. I feel like I made him miserable or something. He says he still loves me though. I guess I'm just confused

    • If someone claims to love you but still dumped you then they are contradicting themselves.


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  • Wow he's a jerk

  • To make it more understanding he means, I feel that the relationship with you and me is not going well and i may have found or want to find a different type of girl. You are a really nice girl but just not for me bla bla bla.


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  • I can imagine how painful it was when he told you that. I know how I would feel in your situation. It would break my heart knowing he couldn't be happy with me. His happiness would be paramount to me, even if that meant letting him go to be with Someone else

    You have no choice but to let him go. If someone's meant to be in your life they'll never leave , or they'll find a way back. Sometimes people change, their feelings change , so their priorities do. Obviously what you had together Is not want he wants anymore. It's pointless holding onto to someone who doesn't care about losing you.

    If he stayed with you , eventually you'd become unhappy and insecure , because you'd know he is there in person , but not with heart and mind. So for your own sake it's better to let him go, and give yourself a better chance to find someone who wants the love you have to give 💗🌹

    • I understand that he wasn't happy but he says he still loves but just isn't happy. I'm struggling to understand what that means exactly. How can you love someone but not be happy? I was a great girlfriend to him

    • ... because sometimes people's wants and needs change. He should have gave you a reason for being unhappy with you. That way at least you'd have closure. It's that not knowing why he was unhappy which is preventing you moving on. Try to ask him his reasons., you deserve to know for your own piece of mind.

      Love is so much more than just a feeling
      So people can love someone for everything they are and stand for, but the the person they love may not give them what they want. That's why it would be best to ask him 💗