What to do about a cheating spouse?

Okay, Here it goes... I don't know how to move on from my cheating spouse! I don't know why I still love him! We are now separated and he told me that he wanted to stay separated cannot get a divorce. However, I found out that he's been cheating again! I excepted him back the first two times. I don't know why I did! I really don't know how I feel now! Like, I feel like it's time to MoveOn and I'm tired of being hurt but then I think about everything we built together! He said that the reason he wanted to separate as well is it because he no longer feels the spark with me! But how can you feel the spark with somebody if you're cheating on them? I'm old school... I'll try anything to keep my family together even if it involves me being miserable. But I'm totally confused! I want to let go but a part of me doesn't want to! I see this man every day because of our children. How do I tell him I need time to get myself in order! He keeps calling me pet names! He's over every day! What do I say to him? Every time I tell him I need space, he thinks I'm holding the kids against him! He doesn't have a place right now and he is staying with his grandma. Lastly, how do i tell him i need space w/o him assuming I am holding the kids from him?


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  • You haven't built anything together it was all a sham. File for divorce and get out


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  • Just tell if you can see the children as much as you want, also tell him the only thing we should be conversing about is when and where we pick up children. No more hanging out, tell him your moving on. You need time to register your thoughts and heal your heart.