Guys, If you wanted back with an ex would you tell her or wait for her to say it?

Just wondering here since it seems some guys would like back with their ex... Do you let her know, and if you do how? subtley? Or do you wait it out and stay friends hoping she comes around?


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  • Actually, if they broke, I'll wait, either, I will do the first step.

    • @LionelMerelGlisem, thanks for your reply :) When you say the first step, what do you mean?

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    • Of course, but I will excuse me first.

    • ok thanks!


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  • I see both guys and girls get back together and hear that they broke up again and others are like in an "On/Off" relationship. I always wondered why do you want to put yourself through all that shit again. You get back, then old habits surfaces, then the new and improved arguments ensues... so fruitless... but there are some couples that managed to stay together after all that shit.

    1. Why would the broken-hearted/hurt individual take back someone that broke up with them? You're still in love? What makes you think that they won't fuck you over again? Ring on your finger? Why risk getting hurt all over again? They've probably been sleeping and shit just didn't work out for them so you're the safer and convenient choice.

    2. After you broke up with them you decided to fuck some other person. Why would you ever want to return to your the person you hurt? Rebound or a temporary solution before you find the next suitable partner for you to fuck? You love them? Bullshit, if you loved them, why did you break up in the first place versus working shit out?

    So many different scenarios playing through my head right now. If I ever broke up with an ex or they break up with me, chances of us getting back with together is zero.

  • The decision to tell her or not should be made on a case by case basis. The idea that there is a magic standardised approach is wrong. I would go as far as saying that if you truly knew your ex emotionally, you would be able to answer the question. Granted most women remain an emotional mystery to even the most connected men. Be vulnerable I say. You for nothig to loose - she is your ex already.

  • i think those who who keep getting back with EXs are weak and delusional.

    most dont ask themvelves that it didn't work out, did something change for us to take another shot at it?

    most can't get over the emotional attachment and their minds start tellin them all sorts of illogical justifications to run back to their exes.

  • depends who is at fault for the break-up.
    the severity - do you get along- was it emotional?

    some people stay in contact - some dont.

    i prefer the direct method.