My ex is in a downward spiral and I am concerned?

I still care about my ex despite the fact that we broke up over a month ago, and she is in a downward spiral and I am honestly concerned.

She drove two hours late at night to have sex with some guy she talked to for a max of 20 mins from Tinder and then she crashed at some other guy's house on Saturday night and had sex with another guy who has a girlfriend. She has been whoring herself out completely and sending nudes to guys on Snapchat. I never knew she was capable of this crap but she then tries to get into relationships with these guys after she fucks them only to be rejected. Every time she bones a guy she cllaims he is amazing and wants a future with him. I am 25 she is 18. For the most part our relationship was good but... and I never thought she could be capable of this and I am really hurt to see her doing this to herself. How can I help?


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  • A std will be a rude awakening to her. she's searching for love in all of the wrong places.


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  • I think the best thing you can really do 4 her right now is 2 let her know you're there 4 her even though you are no longer together and that you'll support her but be careful not to send her mixed signals on how you feel about her and don't give her false hope that there's a chance 4 you 2 getting back together if there's not.

  • Well since she is a teenage girl who doesn't seem very mature by the sounds of it you have a serious uphill battle in the mud this won't be easy if even possible for you to do (cuz of you being her ex). I don't even know her and I'm scared for her.
    Sorry I have to really think about this problem and I will get back to you when I have a realistic idea k

  • She could either be hurt over the break up or she just wants to experience as she's come out of a relationship


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