Is there another girl in his life?

My boyfriend didn't talk to me for a week
for stupid reason because i called him many times at his work
i dont know wt the real reason do you think that there is another girl in his life
every thing happened is so weird we were talking before that day so normal and he used to call me and do everything to make me happy
he works for long hours and two jobs
he said i dont want to be in relation anymore !
And i didn't call him since that


Most Helpful Guy

  • It sounds like you called him a bunch of times at work and he said "to hell with this bitch" nothing about this situation screams another woman. It tells me he is done putting up with your nonsense

    • He do the same when i am at work i told him i can't answer but he doesn't listen


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What Guys Said 3

  • There is something putting him off about you, probably your attitude. And when this happens he has no choice than to let go and hold on to a better choice.

  • I am EXACTLY LIKE HIM. He definitely isn't looking for a relationship because working two jobs is stressful.

    • I work in two jobs too
      It has nothing to do with jobs
      The more u tired the more u want someone with u

  • he just dosent like you anymore


What Girls Said 2

  • Honestly there could be a number of reasons, and the fact that he works two jobs can definitely limit his availability and make him super tired. Calling him many times won't pick up, perhaps he feels like he's too busy to live up to the standards he once shown, give him a break! If it's still bothering you, ask him if anything is wrong

  • There might now be another girl but its obvious he doesn't want to be with you anymore.