Still thinking about my ex 6 months after?

So my ex girlfriend broke up with me 6 months ago and did some really fucked up things to me that I thought she never would, she's even moved on to some other guy at the start it put me in a really bad head space but now 6 months on I've accepted everything and I can say now that i don't love her anymore. What I still do though is think about her still every freaking day and I don't understand why like I wish I could just forget about her completely seeing that I'm pretty sure she has with me what do I have to do to stop thinking about her most of the time I don't even mean any advice?


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  • Make her look like she is a bad person in your head. You have to get your mind off her. Go on dates because she has clearly moved on from you. You deserve so much better. Life is short so don't live in the past


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  • I don't think there's much you can do it just takes time