What to do when you've tried everything to get over your ex but nothing works?

It'll be a year in April since he broke up with me!! I still play everything over in my head trying to figure out where things went wrong.. I am a strong woman (so I thought) I shouldn't be hovering these feelings this long.. I feel so foolish that I am still bothered by this.. Today I woke up feeling so sad and crying over him. I didn't see the break up coming so I'm thinking this is why it's so hard.. I've tried talking to family, friends, spiritual leaders, gag, myself, God, I've read self help books, I've prayed, heck I've even talked to my ex himself! This pain is not ceasing and I just don't know what else's to do.. I'm still willing to keep going and keep trying so any advice at this point would be helpful! Thanks


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  • I was dumped a little over 2 months ago. I, like you, didn't see it coming! It was like Mike Tyson just came out of nowhere and knocked you out, right?

    Go to the gym, get back into shape. It's proven that exercise does wonders for your mood. Get on a dating app and go on some dates. Even if you know the guy won't work out. It's good to get out there and meet new people. One thing I did that I never thought I would do is start seeing a therapist. Seeing and talking to her once a week has really helped me out.

    There are people who have gone through and are going through what you are. I'm one of them. Granted, I haven't been going through it as long, but I am right where you are. Try meet up groups as well in your area. Hope this helps!


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  • i understand what you mean and feel, i was in a similar position when my 8 year marriage broke off.

    one thing i really did to move on was to make myself distracted, either by work, new hobbies, interest and so on. I have 2 kids so what we did was a mini vacations with kids and myself.

    Apart from that talk to someone close, maybe your family member or bestfriend or someone and just get it all out.

    lastly, go out and meet new people in general. Maybe you will find someone who will distract you or someone who is in a similar position as you are in

    Hope it goes well and a happy life :)

  • Your sub-concious feels as though there is unfinished business. To get over this, you will need to take time to sit and thoroughly thing things through. It will be upsetting and hurtful, let the pain and tears come as they wish to do. After a few days you will start to feel better. If it helps at all, write down the pros and cons of the relationship and see where that leads you. Being a strong woman is bloody hard. Hold your head high 😊

  • Been there and trust me it will get better.
    When you realize that there the reason it ended was for you to find someone better than him, you'll get over it.