Help? Why would a guy pay for everything for you when you two hang out if you guys aren't a couple?


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  • Most likely reason, he wants to be a couple.

    Or he knows money is less valuable to him then you

    • Even though I offer to pay. So you're telling me he wants to get back with me?

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    • @singlebee yes

    • @oo I don't want him to get embarrassed he is a shy guy


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  • The only girls i paid for were girls in was interested in being with and i did get with one and kinda with the other

    • We'll so he's trying to win me over?

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    • well then you are a couple if you already do that there is no reason why you are not a couple , for me a kiss means we're a couple thats why i go for the kiss so i can say later that we are together now , I don't know why he hasn't said that yet but you are together from the looks of it , if you're not sure just ask him the next time he kisses you "are we together or what? " if he says no were just friends then he is just looking for sex if he says yes then there you go you are a couple

    • How are these actions just looking for sex, he's opening doors for me and intertwining our fingers together himself if I let go of his hand

  • That's something every man should do unless he's broke 😜

    • True but not ever man does unless there in a relationship

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    • Maybe he's just trying to impress you

    • For what reason though

  • Maybe he likes hey or maybe he is just being a gentleman?

    • Hey what? He is a gentleman but everytime even though we're not in a relationship?

    • Does he do the same with other women? If not then it could be because he likes you?

    • He tells me he doesn't see other women

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  • Some guys are just like that.

    I have a girlfriend whose father is totally, genuinely, like that.
    Imagine a guy buying a round for everyone at the bar, just out of pure exuberance and joie-de-vivre. Not to show off wealth, not to get pussy (he's quite happily monogamously married), but... just to spread the damn happiness.

    Now take that round at the bar, and multiply it by 9,287,223,457,689, and you have my girlfriend's daddy.

    I mean, one of his workers (he owns a piping company) was late one day because his car broke down. Dude was a good worker, I guess. It was around Christmastime, and the company had made good profits that year, so... yep. he straight-up bought the dude a new car. Just bought him a fucking car.

    So, yes, these people exist.

    On the other hand, this might also be someone ineptly trying to buy yr affection and hot luvin'.

    Use yr judgment and basic people-reading ability. It's usually pretty easy to tell whether people's spending is coming from a place of genuine generosity, vs. from a place of perceived self-interest.

    • I'm saying buying dinner or drinks for me when I offer to pay when we're not even together

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    • ... I dunno. LOL I'm naturally forward and pretty sexually aggressive (not to be confused with dominant), and I've always tended to attract men with those same qualities (plus dominance). I've literally never had to think consciously about moving this sort of thing along.

      For me, that'd be like asking how to move dynamite along, after it's been lit. Like, cover yr face and let it blow! LOL

      No idea.

      You should probably just post a new question thread, and direct it at the more sexually reserved folks here.

    • I don't think I'm sexually reserved just have a problem being blunt. I never been like that

  • Perhaps he's just a gentleman. Or maybe he wants to be with you. Either way, the only way you're going to find out is by asking him yourself. :]

  • To be nice/polite.

    • All the time? He doesn't like me?

    • Yeah, it's completely possible

    • So what is it? Because what kind of guy pays for you all the time?

  • Because believe it or not, like it or not, chivalry isn't dead. You don't have to be in a relationship or have a title to go on dates and try to win someone over. Contrary to popular belief of h. s. students everywhere