Guys, He broke up with me, what should I do to make him miss me?

My ex broke up with me 1 week ago, he begged me to stay friends and told me that he still likes me but the best for us was to end our relationship... Since that day I only saw him once but he never texted me and neither did I... I want him to miss me but at the same time if I don't text him I feel he will forget me (?)... What should I do to make him miss me and get him back?


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  • if he did the breaking up, he isn't going to miss you. he says he wants to stay friends, because its a way to 'soften the blow'.

    if you want him to feel anything, you need to genuinely move on , live your life and be happy. maybe just maybe he will one day realize he made a mistake, but it won't matter, because you'll have moved on :)

  • Try to get over him. He is done with the relationship and is just trying not to hurt you.