Need help understanding this girl?

hi need help with this ex girlfriend of mine and understanding her better. weve been dating for four years and the last year it was rocky on and off. i love her and i mess up by being an asshole and she leaves me but then i keep annoying her and telling why is she doing this and she would just be cold. she would break up with me and says she's done entirely but then when i dont contact her she contacts me and then we rekindle things. this time she says she's done i still haven't left her alone and she says she loves me but she doesn't want a relationship anymore that wrre done for good bascially and i got weak becuase i really love this girl. i told her that i need to move on then if this is it and to call me when she changes her mind and i told her im not going to be contacting her anymore and that just made her quiet and i made my goodbyes and hung up. what i wanna know is why does she tell me this? she says she's really over me after 2 weeks and says were done completely? i still love this girl she's my first love but i know I've been acting like a total ***** and i know i need time away from this girl to improve a lot of areas in my life. i dont know what to do. the only information i got that i really believe is that she's confused? i just wanna put this behind me. but whats up with her?


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  • You do need to move on. This is not mature or healthy behavior. Find a girl who isn't a mess.

  • she's so insecure