Opinions about lost love?

I just want to know others opinion about "lost love" like where you messed things up, hurt someone or just someone that got away etc.. I really liked this guy I was dating for a long time but we don't talked at all today due to misunderstandings which is a shame because we had so much fun together. It ended abruptly. He has a girlfriend now so it's really over but I catch him staring and glancing at me a lot when I do see him, sometimes I just wonder.. I haven't been able to forget about him and even hope that we might end up together one day.


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  • there is still hope, don't run after him but continue to talk to him if you can.


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  • awww :( there is someone i feel like he got away but i think he maybe lost interest or something so. But he was what i wanted and still the kind of person i want

    • Same with me

    • he is in a next country but I am visiting that country later this year and to be honest I will still try to see him. lol he was so decent that i would just want to see him