Have I been an ass?

I responded to a guys Craigslist ad for a friends with benefits.

We hooked up for 2 months and then he left for the army for 3 months. He was discharged so we picked things up again. At that time, he was seeing someone else (but didn't mention it to me). At this time I had ny own place and we would hook up there. I told him I wanted to stop with no explanation after 2 months of hooking up again. I moved back home (still close by). He contacts me 3 months later says he wants a relationship and that we should date. I say sure. We hook up again like 3 times, we go on a date it was awkward. 2 weeks later I ask him if he wants to hangout he says no. I look on Craigslist and he has ads up saying he wants a milf. Some were posted while we were dating".

I confronted him about it and he was indifferent. Didn't really care and told me to do whatever I want. What do you think about all of this? Do I have a right to be upset? Or am I giving myself too much importance?


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  • It was never intended to be serious so that's what happens unfortunately

    • So I can't really complain huh

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    • Probably wanted to give it a try and see if it would work out

    • It was bait to get some more easiness out of you. Please stop using craigslist to find sex/love/lust/heartache.

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  • WTF do you expect? It's Craigslist!! I wouldn't buy a used book from someone on Craigslist. I hope to hell you had protection!
    Do yourself a favor and drop thoughts of this guy and craigslist in general immediately.


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  • You responded to an ad for friends with benefits. All he wanted in the first place was the sex. Expectations...

    • You're right. I'm delusional and pathetic

    • Nowhere in between the lines of what I typed reads that you're delusional and pathetic. If you respond to something like that, don't catch feelings. He also lied to get into your pants. Cmon!

  • You lost me at "Craigslist"

    • Lol why

    • If you're cruising for dudes on craigslist you might as well get your jollies and do some charity work at the same time by sleeping with the homeless...

    • He's a normal dude

  • i would guess so.


What Girls Said 2

  • If you knew he was seeing someone else while you were hooking up, then you should expect the same kind of behaviour no matter what. Never date a guy who hooked up with you, while he was with someone else. He'll just do the exact same to you. We can't change anyone other than ourselves.
    But you have a right to be upset. Don't be too harsh on yourself, and you're not giving yourself too much importance.
    Honestly though? I'd take everyone else's advice and get yourself off craigslist.

  • He's a arsehole , block him