What is my ex boyfriend thinking?

So I broke up with my ex three years ago. Basically he sex-talked to a girl online and I found out then I cheated on him. He was mentally broken down and asked me to come back but I did not. I was with another one after that and we were together for three years. Last year I met my ex again and he hugged me and kissed me and we ended up sleeping together. Confused, I broke up with the boyfriend I dated for three years because I was still hurt and still thought about my ex. Since then, my ex talked to me more often, to the point where he calls me every night and texts me everyday (he initiated). But when I asked him about what he was thinking, he said he didn't wanted to be in a commited relationship. One time he even said we could be bestfriends? I am so confused...


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  • ... yeah. It sounds confusing.


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  • He wants to have you available and not have anyone else have you, wants your mind to be on him, but he's not wanting a commitment, lose it to be honest, its only going to end badly.


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  • He's using you and you should stay away from him.

  • I agree with the others, I think he is using you. I think it would work better to do no contact with him, as hard as it would be. would give you the upper hand. Just my opinion. Good luck xx